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Mix up classic cricket

When you think of cricket, hours (or even days)-long matches might come to mind – but there’re plenty of ways you can mix up cricket to have all the fun without needing lots of time and space.


Cricket’s all about teamwork so is perfect for playing with your unit. 

You’ll need a small number of bats (they can be plastic), balls and stumps – or you could use a stick or the wall as a target instead!

Try cricket skills and challenges such as hitting, throwing, catching, running between wickets or small games against each other.

Take it further by joining other units in the same district for games or even a mini tournament. Or why not learn umpire hand signals?

You can still make it work indoors...

Practise small games and skills in your meeting space.

You can use balls and bats if you have them, or improvise using balloons, hands or newspaper – it all uses the same skills.

Opportunities with the England and Wales Cricket Board

You can always get someone else in – speak to your local England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) who will be happy to lead a cricket starter session with your unit. Their network of county ambassadors can come to your unit to run sessions for free, creating opportunities for your girls to try their hand at cricket.

There are also handy pick-up-and-go resources developed by the ECB to help you facilitate sessions both inside and outside of your unit.

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There are no specific safety notes. Have fun!
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