Compass cookout

Includes: Outdoors, Food fun, Nature and the great outdoors

Activity time:
1 meeting


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Work up an appetite

Use compasses to find all the ingredients for a tasty treat.


Get Guides and members of The Senior Section out and about with this fun ‘search and collect’ activity – with a filling finish! Make sure the girls understand how to find a bearing using a compass before they set off.

  1. Divide the girls into Patrols or small groups.
  2. Before the activity begins, place all of the equipment and ingredients needed in several hiding spots, each of which can be found by following a bearing (allow a distance of at least 30 metres between each hiding place). Remember that each group will need a different route. Write the bearings and distance between them in a list for each group to follow.
  3. Remind each group to stay together throughout the activity and allocate an adult to each finish point in a supervisory role only.
  4. Give each group a compass and a list of bearings and challenge them to follow the bearings using the compass to locate everything they need to make the dessert.
  5. The first group to locate all their equipment and make the apple crisp wins!

Set a compass bearing

  1. Stand at the starting point holding the compass level enough for the needle to spin freely.
  2. Wait until the red end of the needle points steadily north.
  3. If you rotate the ring to line up the red north of the needle to the red arrow on the baseplate, a bearing can be taken from the compass ring.
  4. Look in the direction you wish the girls to go, then look down at the compass and work out what degree the compass ring shows when lined up in that direction

To make the apple crisp

  1. Core and peel the apple and slice across the top thinly to create crisps with a hole in the middle.
  2. Make up the batter as per packet instructions, adding a teaspoon of cinnamon.
  3. Coat each apple slice in the batter, covering them completely.
  4. Heat some oil in the frying pan and gently fry the apple slices until the batter becomes crisp.
  5. Sprinkle with a little sugar and enjoy.

Take it further

  • Get the Guides to investigate other methods of cooking outdoors, for instance using a camp oven or a haybox.
  • Challenge members of The Senior Section to organise an overnight hike and make breakfast over a wood fire. You can all watch the sun rise as you eat breakfast.

Planning checklist

Safety notes

  • Consider allergies and dietary requirements.
  • Risk assess the areas used.
  • Take care using a gas stove or fire.
  • Remind the girls about the importance of hygiene and keeping cooked food hot.
  • Make sure you supervise girls when they are using knives and cooking on the gas burner.
Section Number of girls per adult
Rainbows 5
Brownies 8
Guides 12

How many adults are needed?

Use this calculator to find out the ratio of girls to adults that is required for this activity

2 adults needed