Guide badges

Badges are individual challenges, and are all about personal development

We had a very interesting session for our first aid badge. A couple of weeks later our leaders faked illnesses and injuries to test our knowledge! We put our newly learned skills into practiceElizabeth, Guide

Interested in science? Film? Sport? Camping? Circus skills? There's a badge for that.

You earn badges by doing different tasks and learning new things. From music to cooking outdoors to world travel - there are loads of badges for you to choose from, and there's something to suit all girls.

Why do badges?

You get to choose which badges you do, so the skills you learn are up to you too. Whatever you want to try, doing a badge means you'll have something to show for it.

Trying something new is all part of your guiding experience. Earn a badge that takes you out of your comfort zone - you’ll be gaining new skills and confidence.

What badges can I do?

Girls can choose from a range of interest badges - survival skills, performing arts, or even party planning! They are designed to do individually but - if you share an interest with your Patrol or a group of Guide friends - you can work together on a badge.

Interest badges also contribute to the highest award a Guide can get - the Baden Powell Challenge Award.

Outside of the Girlguiding programme, there are badges to mark special occasions, such as the Guide Promise badge which girls earn when they take their Promise. Guides can also choose to add badges to their collection for their unit and to show what County they belong to, as well as collect badges from events like the BIG GIG.

How do I get a badge?

To get each badge you will need to do a series of clauses - individual tasks - and sometimes learn specific things. Once you've done all the tasks, you will just need someone to review your progress.

You can print out the tasks you need to do to earn each badge from the Badge finder.

The person who assesses you should be someone who knows something about the subject of the badge or has done it themselves. They could be could be someone from your Patrol, a Young Leader, your Guide Leader, a specialist, a teacher or another interested or knowledgeable person.

Once you've earned badges you can sew them onto your Guide uniform or camp blanket, or display them in photo frames. They’re your badges, so how you display them is up to you!

Choose a badge and get started

Visit our badge finder to search for a badge about something you're interested in.