Go For Its!

Our activity packs will help you and your Patrol explore something new and exciting together

Go For It! and discover more loads of different topics

Go For Its! (GFIs!) are activity packs designed to help you find out more about a specific subject or topic. They're designed for Patrols (small groups of Guides) to use independently. You'll make decisions on what do to when and develop your planning and research skills.

Pick a GFI with your patrol

One of the best things about GFIs! is that there are loads, covering many different topics. Which one will your Patrol pick?

Some of our favourites include:

  • Breaking barriers - learn about the barriers girls face in achieving their full potential.
  • Animal active - find out more about animals and how they survive, from family pets to exotic wildlife.
  • Streets ahead - become a local detective and find out what people who live in your area would like to change.

Working on your GFI!

Once your Patrol has made the tough decision of picking your GFI! you’ll need to work together. How will you make sure everyone’s voice is heard? For each activity, you'll need to think about everyone’s strengths and how best to use them.

You will need to work on your chosen GFI! across a minimum of four meetings. When your Patrol has completed the GFI!, you'll be presented with a GFI! badge. This can also count towards your challenge badges.


Choose your next Go For It!

Then speak to your Patrol and Leader to start planning.