Big Gig information for Leaders

Everything you need to know to get your girls to the Big Gig

Transport and parking

Work out your transport in advance, allowing plenty of time to get to the arena. You'll need these directions and parking details.

If you require a parking space, please remember that you will need to book parking in advance to avoid increased parking fees on the day. Book your parking here

Booking in advance will guarantee you the preferential rate we have negotiated for Girlguiding members - we are unable to guarantee this on the day itself.

Get ready for the day

  • Make sure you have all the consent forms required. If you’re taking girls aged under 18 you will need to ensure you have parental permission.
  • Make sure girls have a packed lunch, or money to buy something from the food stands at the arena.
  • Make a banner to show your support for your favourite acts.
  • To make some memories of the day, bring a personal camera. Just remember to check that you have photography and filming permissions for the girls you're with.
  • Guides who love gigs could capture Big Gig for their Guide Photography badge.
  • Music loving Rangers could blog about Big Gig for their Blogging badge.

Plans for security

Member safety at our events continues to be our priority, and Girlguiding security measures are reviewed on an ongoing basis.

No one will be permitted into the venue unless they have a ticket. Tickets can only be purchased by Girlguiding members, and all membership numbers are verified. All tickets will be scanned on entry.

The SSE Arena will apply the following security measures to our event, in line with their current procedures:

  • All attendees will pass through a security screening arch when they enter the building, similar to airport security scanners.
  • There are likely to be more random bag searches. Please try to avoid bags with lots of individual pockets to help make this a smooth process.
  • There will be no cloakroom available at the arena.
  • Bags larger than a standard rucksack may not be permitted into the arena.
  • You can bring one bottle of water per person into Wembley Arena as long as it’s a sealed drink. But you’re also welcome to bring in an empty refillable sports bottle - there’ll be free water coolers in the foyer and on each side of the concourse that you can refill your bottle once inside. 
  • You can still bring your own food.
  • The venue has asked that you don't bring glow sticks or disposable batteries, such as AA batteries, as they won't be allowed into the arena. Rechargeable phone batteries and power packs to charge your phone are fine.
  • If you need to bring medication with you please bring a letter from a parent or guardian about your need for the medication. 

Visit the Girlguiding shop stall

On the day there will be a Girlguiding shop selling Big Gig badges, t-shirts and more. If you want to get merchandise in advance or after the gig you can order from the Girlguiding online shop.

You may see some artist merchandise for sale on your way to the arena, but these are not official items.

Still have questions?

Email [email protected] and we'll do our best to help.



Guide Leader

Getting ready for the big day is almost as fun as the event itself. You get to decide what sort of outfit you're going to wear with your unit. As it is a non-uniform event girls are allowed to go crazy with what they wear - you might choose to go for a glamorous party theme or maybe as cowgirls. It is completely up to you and your unit, but the wackier the better!