Have your say in our whistleblowing policy consultation

Have your say on our whistleblowing policy

We’re consulting volunteers on our Whistleblowing policy and the procedure that goes with it.

What is the policy for? 

This policy:

  • Supports people who raise a serious concern about the organisation.
  • Explains the type of serious concerns that should be reported.

What is the procedure for?

The procedure:

  • Explains how to make a protected disclosure, otherwise known as whistleblowing.
  • Explains how Girlguiding will investigate the concern raised.
  • Explains what to do if you're not satisfied by the outcome.

What are we asking you about?

We’d like your views on whether the policy and procedures could be clearer, and if you understand how the policy supports you. Are there any parts that don't make sense, are confusing, or use unnecessary jargon?

We would also like to know if you've used the policy and procedures since June 2019, when they were last updated, and if there's anything you feel that is not included. 

If you have referred to the policy, have you experienced any issues or unintended consequences as a result? 

We'd also like to know a bit about you – such as what country or region you are from, your main role in guiding, and which section you're associated with.

Why are we looking at this now?

As part of our commitment to developing a rewarding volunteer experience we review all policies to see how they work in practice. We want to know if there are improvements we can make to better support you in following this policy and deliver great guiding experiences. 

We value your feedback and encourage you to share your experiences with us. 

How can I take part?

The consultation is open until 9pm on Sunday 31 October 2021 and is open to all volunteers in Girlguiding. You will need to refer to the Whistleblowing policy and the procedures as you complete the survey questions.

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complete consultation

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