We want your activities for our new programme

Is there an activity you created that the girls in your unit love? Send it to us and it could be part of the new programme

Fantastic activities are being run throughout Girlguiding - and we want to use them!

To ensure our new programme is as good as it can be, we want to gather ideas from everyone who is passionate about guiding. So we're asking you to send us your tried-and-tested activities, or even the ideas you've never had the chance to try out.

See your great ideas shared

We’ll use as many of your activities as we can. If yours is published, you’ll be credited on the activity card and it will be used by thousands of girls across the UK.

Our new programme is being developed theme by theme. So over the coming year, we will ask you to send in group and individual activity ideas for many of the themes.

We'd like to start by asking you to send in suggestions that relate to the following themes. Expand the boxes to find out more.

Your journey

This topic aims to give girls a warm welcome to Girlguiding - giving them insight into what we're about, as well as what to expect during the transition between sections.

Activity ideas for this topic could include:

  • fun ways for girls to introduce themselves and get to know one another
  • exciting and active group ice-breakers
  • ways to support girls preparing to transition into the next section 
  • ideas for exploring the Promise and law
  • fun and unique ways of holding and celebrating guiding ceremonies and presentations (for example Promise ceremonies, badge presentations and moving up a section celebrations).

Building healthy competition and sportswomanship

This topic will show girls the importance of fairness, ethics, respect and fair play. Girls will be better able to direct their enthusiasm and competitiveness.

Activity ideas for this topic could include:

  • how to know and follow the rules of a sport or activity
  • the importance of respect for officials and accepting their decisions
  • ways to maintain self-control and taking correction as a compliment
  • respecting opponents
  • cheering and communicating positively
  • reacting appropriately - even when others don’t
  • putting your team vision first in every decision.


This topic will help girls develop a variety of verbal and non-verbal techniques for communicating their message, and learn how to interpret information received from others.

Activity ideas could include:

  • how to communicate using body language
  • ways of adapting to your audience
  • digital communication activities
  • trying out active listening.


This topic will empower girls to manage their own physical and mental well-being by making conscious decisions to keep themselves healthy and active.

Activity ideas could include:

  • ways to improve your mental health, for example, mindfulness
  • having self-confidence and self-worth
  • everyday practical ways to stay active and fit. 

How to send your activity ideas

Interested? Once you've thought of an activity you would like to share, then you need to complete the following.

  1. Check our quality assurance document - it sets all the criteria an activity needs to meet to be included.
  2. Submit your idea through our online form - you will need to include a brief aim of the activity, clear bullet-pointed instructions on how you run the activity, and your contact details.

The deadline for submissions in Sunday 26 February.

We will read and consider every idea we're sent, but unfortunately, because we expect a high volume of submissions, we won’t be able to respond to everyone directly.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your suggestions. If your activity is chosen we will be in contact.

If you have any questions or need any further information please contact [email protected].

Send us your ideas

To help us consider your idea, please fill in all parts of the form and give as much detail as possible. Please send your activities to us by 26 February.