We want your activities for our new programme

Is there an activity you created that the girls in your unit love? Send it to us and it could be part of the new programme

We know you're organising fantastic activities for your girls. What are their favourites? We want to use them!

To make sure our new programme is as good as it can be, we want to gather ideas from everyone who is passionate about guiding. So we're asking you and your girls to send us activity ideas for the topics we're currently working on.

See your great ideas shared

In March and April we asked you to send in activities around inventing, survival skills, life skills and travelling.

It’s been fantastic seeing all your activity ideas for our new programme: we’re working through them now and we’ll use as many as we can.

Now, we'd like to ask you to send in new suggestions and old favourites that relate to our current topics (listed below).

If your idea is taken forward and used in the new programme, you or your unit will be credited on the activity and it will be used by thousands of girls across the UK.

Submit ideas


Submit ideas


3D design

Sculpting, clay modelling, paper mache, mosaics, decorating furniture, origami and paper craft, mask making, jewellery, pottery - and many more!


Exploring beliefs, communities, cultures and personal values.


Planning routes, navigation, orienteering, travel and trekking safely and confidently!

How to send your activity ideas

Interested? Once you've read through the topics and spoken to your girls you need to submit your idea/s through our short online form

The deadline for submissions in Monday 24 July.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your ideas! We will read and consider every idea we're sent, but unfortunately, we won’t be able to respond to everyone directly. If your idea is chosen to be taken forward, we'll be in contact.

If you have any questions or need any further information please contact us at [email protected] 

Send us your ideas


Submit ideas