Safeguarding policy consultation

Have your say on our safeguarding policy. Deadline: 9pm, Wednesday 28 April

>We’re consulting volunteers on our Safeguarding policy.

What is the policy?

 This policy:

  • sets out Girlguiding’s commitment to safeguarding and promoting the safety and well-being of girls, young women, and adults
  • sets out the expectations for all Girlguiding members and volunteers, as well as staff, associated contractors, third party providers, and users, to ensure the protection of children, young people, volunteers and staff
  • enables everyone associated with Girlguiding to share allegations, concerns, or disclosures – whether related to Girlguiding activities or external to Girlguiding.

What are we asking you about?

We’d like your views on whether the policy could be clearer, if you understand what is expected of you, and if there are parts that don't make sense, are confusing, or use unnecessary jargon.

We would also like to know whether you have referred to the policy whilst carrying out your role since September 2020 and if so, whether you experienced any problems or unintended consequences (things you didn’t anticipate) as a result.

We would also like to know if there is anything you feel should be included in the policy which isn’t already, as well as a bit about you – such as what country or region you are from, your main role in guiding, and which section you are associated with.

Why are we looking at this now?

Safeguarding and promoting the safety and well-being of girls, young women and adults is the first priority of Girlguiding. As part of our commitment to developing a rewarding volunteer experience we review this policy annually to make sure that we are up to date with government legislation and safeguarding and child protection best practice. We want to see how this policy works in practice, and if there are improvements that we can make.

We value your feedback and encourage you to share your experiences with us.

How can I participate?

 The consultation is open until 9pm on Wednesday 28 April, and is open to all volunteers in Girlguiding. You will need to refer to the Safeguarding policy on our website as you complete it.

Share your views here

Share your views here

Share your views here