Help us make sure all lead volunteers have a great experience

We're looking for a lead volunteer to help us ensure ensure lead volunteers and their staff partners has an excellent experience. Deadline 21 September 2021

Lead volunteers and staff work together to give members the best possible experience. We want to make this partnership even better.

Lead volunteers, specialist volunteers and committee members work with staff at Girlguiding HQ to shape plans and activities. We want all these volunteers to have a positive experience and this role will play a vital part in making that happen.

About the role

As part of this role, you will:

  • Work with the head of delivery partnerships to support the complete lead volunteer life cycle.
  • Induct new lead volunteers, specialist volunteers and committee members.
  • Make recommendations to the lead volunteer management group on how to improve our partnerships.
  • Be part of the lead volunteer management team and go to regular meetings.

Find out more about what you'll be doing in the role description.

Why should you apply?

Volunteers and staff work together as one team to help our units to provide great experiences for girls. This role will make sure lead and specialist volunteers have a positive experience and that they enjoy working with staff at HQ. Through this role you'll help do this by helping advising and supporting volunteer and staff teams, inducting new volunteers and helping us improve the way we work with lead volunteers, specialist volunteers and committee members.

Who should apply?

We're looking for someone who has experience of people management, coaching or mentoring, writing, developing and delivering volunteer learning or support resources and understands our structure and ways of working.

Time commitment

This role will start in January 2022, taking over from the current role holder over autumn 2021. The role will be for three years with the possibility to be extended by a further two years.

How to apply

Send an application form to to [email protected] by 9am on 21 September. Make the subject of the email 'Application for lead volunteer for lead volunteer experience'.