Deputy GOLD coordinator (maternity cover) - Lead volunteer role

Creating opportunities for young women to have adventures abroad. Deadline: 23 November

Work with us to help young women have amazing experiences through GOLD (Girlguiding Overseas Linked with Development). 

About the role

You’ll help to create our ‘Go for Gold’ selection event for future GOLD participants, and to support previous GOLD participants on their return to the UK. You’ll help them continue their personal development in Girlguiding, and encourage them to take up other exciting roles.

This is a great opportunity for a specialist volunteer to gain experience of working in Girlguiding at a national level. It will give you the skills and experiences necessary to become more involved in international guiding, and could be a great stepping stone for anyone interested in becoming a county or regional international advisor.

As part of the role you will:

  • Work directly with GOLD teams heading off on projects in 2021.
  • Work with GOLD participants after their trips to help them continue their guiding journey.
  • Act as the first point of contact for Go for GOLD, and manage the recruitment of GOLD teams for 2022.
  • Build and maintain close relationships with the GOLD coordinator, WAGGGs member organisations, Girlguiding staff, and partners, to plan amazing experiences for young women.

Here's what Becky Boulton, current Deputy GOLD Coordinator, had to say about the role: 

“I've had a brilliant first year as Girlguiding's Deputy GOLD Coordinator. I've really enjoyed working alongside the GOLD participants as their journey develops, facilitating training sessions with the GOLD Coordinator to improve our members’ skills and prepare them for their projects and getting to see what a difference they have made when they get back.
Being Deputy GOLD coordinator can be busy and hard work, but the rewards of working with amazing young women who are making a real difference with our guiding sisters around the world makes it all worthwhile. I'm planning to have a 'pause' whilst I'm enjoying the very different role of motherhood and I'm so excited for someone else to fulfil the role in my absence!”

Who can apply?

We’re looking for members aged between 18-30 as of 1 January, 2021, who have previously participated in a GOLD project. We are looking for someone who is passionate about creating international opportunities for our members, and members of other WAGGGS organisations. You’ll have strong communication skills, and the ability to inspire and motivate others.

Time commitment

The role is for a maternity cover for a period of 12 months (1 January 2021 – 31 December 2021), with the possibility to extend the appointment for a further period if all parties are in agreement.


This appointment will be made by the chief guide, recruited through an open application process managed by the assistant international commissioner, with input from the GOLD coordinator. The deputy GOLD coordinator reports to the international commissioner.

This appointment is for a maternity cover for a period of 12 months (1 Jan 2021 – 31 December 2021), with the possibility to extend for a further period should everyone be in agreement. The final months of the maternity cover role will involve handing over to the current deputy GOLD coordinator.

The deputy GOLD coordinator will work closely with the GOLD coordinator to support the development of GOLD, with the aim to increase the value this flagship international project brings to Girlguiding and other member organisations.

The deputy GOLD coordinator will work directly with country/region international advisers to build awareness of the opportunities through GOLD in order to attract a diverse pool of participants, and will be the lead volunteer for Go for GOLD. They'll be responsible for supporting former GOLD participants to embrace new opportunities at a local level and will help build the understanding of commissioners of the skills and experience these young women hold. They will lead on building links with other key volunteers to explore how former GOLD participants could support Girlguiding’s wider activities, for example as the trainers of the future. And deputise for the GOLD coordinator as required.

Time commitment

The role of deputy GOLD coordinator is a very rewarding role with opportunities to travel and make a real difference to Girlguiding and WAGGGS member organisations. However, it also requires a considerable time commitment with both face-to-face and admin aspects.

Face-to-face commitments:

  • 5 full weekends (briefings/debriefs etc)
  • 3-4 day meetings (GOLD steering group, international advisor meetings, lead volunteer meetings)

Please note that many of these commitments in 2021 might be remote or virtual rather than in-person, depending on Covid-19.

Admin commitments (estimated and varies depending on time of year):

  • 2-3 hours a week answering emails and doing other admin tasks
  • Bi-monthly 2 hour phone conference calls
  • Monthly catch up with the International team
  • Monthly catch up with the GOLD coordinator
  • Monthly 30 minute catch up with staff partner

Main areas of responsibility

Go for GOLD

  • Recruit the Go for GOLD planning team
  • Lead the Go for GOLD planning team and work with the events coordinator to prepare and deliver Go for GOLD, a weekend residential event which can involve around 100 people
  • Be a designated safeguarding lead at the event
  • At Go for GOLD, lead and manage the activities reps and country reps to plan and the deliver the programme of the event
  • Work with the GOLD coordinator to select the participants for the GOLD teams
  • Monitor and evaluate Go for GOLD annually

Support to GOLD

  • Attend first and second briefing and debrief weekends as the safeguarding lead
  • Deliver sessions at briefing and debrief weekends in collaboration with the GOLD coordinator
  • Assist with logistics and catering at briefing weekends if required
  • Represent GOLD at national or regional events where needed (for example, trainers’ conference)
  • Provide regular updates on ongoing work to the GOLD steering group (made up of key volunteer and staff stakeholders)
  • Deputise for the GOLD coordinator at briefing weekends in an emergency

Promotion, evaluation and legacy

  • Act as a contact point for former GOLD participants who would welcome advice on how best to use their skills and experience
  • Develop and implement strategies to promote GOLD to the wider Girlguiding membership, for example through the development of case studies and toolkits for former GOLD participants to use at local level
  • Develop and implement strategies for increasing the understanding at a local level of the skills and experience held by former GOLD participants
  • Implement and monitor pathways for GOLD participants to contribute back to local guiding, including the recruitment and management of pathway champions and developing strategies for pathway monitoring
  • Identify where past GOLD projects could be developed into international opportunities for other Girlguiding members, building links between GOLD country contacts and country/region international advisers to progress plans, and providing support for countries and regions in establishing partnerships


  • Attend meetings with other members of the Girlguiding international team (usually virtually once a month, with longer meetings twice per year) and country/region international advisers (usually virtually once every six weeks, with longer meetings twice per year)
  • Develop relationships with lead volunteers for other areas of the Girlguiding programme such as the peer educators and trainers
  • Identify opportunities for the skills and experience of GOLD participants to add value to Girlguiding’s wider activities
  • Continue to implement and develop ways of communicating with previous GOLD participants
  • Keep in regular contact with the GOLD coordinator and international commissioner, arranging regular virtual catch ups or meetings for updates.

Skills and experience


  • Wide international experience, preferably both within and outside of guiding 
  • Interest and openness to other countries, people, cultures and eager to learn more about others 
  • Been a participant on a GOLD project
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Ability to travel and represent Girlguiding overseas
  • Be 30 years of age or under at the start of the appointment


  • Led a GOLD project
  • Hold module 1 of the Girlguiding Trainer qualification
  • Be or have experience as a peer educator
  • Led or contributed to processes to select and form teams of volunteers for Girlguiding international opportunities
  • Worked as a member of the Go for GOLD planning team
  • Have an up to date knowledge of international issues

The closing date for applications is Monday 23 November. Interviews are scheduled for Saturday 5 December.

If you would like to make any informal enquiries about the role, please contact the current deputy GOLD coordinator, Becky Boulton, via [email protected]

The deputy GOLD coordinator will need to attend the scheduled GOLD events taking place during 2021. You must be able to attend these events in order to apply for the role. The dates will be:

  • First briefing (virtual): 27-28 February 2021
  • Second briefing (face-to-face or virtual – TBC): 16-18 April 2021
  • Debrief 1: 10-12 September 2021
  • Go for GOLD: 24-26 September 2021
  • Debrief 2: 5-7 November 2021

How to apply

Send the completed application form to [email protected] by midday on Monday 23 November. Interviews will take place by video call on Saturday 5 December. If you have any informal questions about the role, please contact current Deputy GOLD Coordinator, Becky Boulton via [email protected]

Download the form