Camps and adventure days

Camps and adventure days take place regularly all over the UK, giving girls the opportunity to take on the great outdoors

Girls can push their limits and get active at camps and away-days

Experience the buzz of a large camp

There are camps taking place across the UK, some with up to 8,000 participants from all over the world!

Many camps run for a week or longer, so girls can form lasting friendships and gain independence while being supported by fully qualified leaders. There's always something to keep girls occupied - from adventurous activities like kayaking, to evenings watching performances and taking part in traditional camp fire sing-a-longs.

Check our events and opportunities or the website for Girlguiding in your region to see what's coming up.

The highlight of our weekend away was the team-building games. Each Patrol competed to wrap a team member up as a toilet paper mummies and build marshmallow and spaghetti towers. All whilst dressed in costumes based around the theme of the letter R. - Hannah, member of The Senior Section

Take on a new challenge with an adventure day

From climbing and abseiling, to learning how to survive in the wilderness, adventure days give girls a chance to push their boundaries. Girls will need to work as a team to reach their goal - whether that's orienteering their way out of a forest, or building a raft to take them across a lake. We always work with qualified activity instructors and with our very own Activity Centres across the UK, you can rest assured that safety is a priority.

Adventure isn't just for our older members - our annual Magic and Mayhem event for Rainbows and Brownies includes outdoor activities as well as a disco, and gives girls a chance to sleep over in a Big Top.

Take the next step

Adventurous activities are a cornerstone of our programme. We encourage all girls to work on the Camp skills builders and explore the Have Adventures theme with a range of badges and activities. Plus Guides can get their Guide Camp permit and older members can gain a special permit to lead camping trips themselves.