Brownie web safe code

Are you safe online? Check out our web safe code for Brownies

When using the internet, I promise:

  • to agree rules with my parent or carer about the best way for me to use my devices (computer, phone, games console) and the internet.
  • to keep myself safe and not share any personal information (my full name, my home or school address, my phone number, my email address).
  • not to arrange to meet up with someone I have met on the internet, and if someone asks me to do so, to tell my parent or carer.
  • to share photos or videos online only with people I know in the real world and to always ask permission before I upload them.
  • to tell my parent or carer, teacher or Leader if something online worries or upsets me.
  • to download files on to my devices only with permission from my parent or carer.
  • to think carefully about what I read, hear and see online, and not to trust information unless I have checked it on other websites or in books, or have asked an adult about it.

Internet safety videos

This video by CEOP will teach you about online safety. Remember to ask your parent for permission if you want to watch.