Brownie badges

Brownies love badges! Girls come up with their own ideas as they work towards them on their own and with others.

Badges show that Brownies have learned new things, challenged themselves and tried fun stuff

They are a special record of a girl's progress through Brownies along with the new experiences and skills they have gained along the way.

Badges for all girls

Girls earn their Brownie Adventure badges as they go through Brownies. There are three badges - Adventure, Adventure On and More Adventures.

Girls can also choose from a range of interest badges. These badges show what girls like to do or want to know more about, such as dancing, animals or science. They are designed to do individually and there's something to suit all girls. They also contribute to the Brownie Adventure badges.

Whatever it is that girls want to try, doing a badge means they'll have something to show for it.

Choosing badges

Brownies love having so many badges to try - from Sports, to World cultures, to Science investigator - and they choose what they want to do next. There is a full list of badges, as well as instructions on how to complete them, in our Badge finder  and in the Brownie Badge Book.

It’s more fun doing science at Brownies because you’re allowed to look for yourself. - Rosanna, 10

When girls have decided on a badge they can start straightaway by themselves or talk with other girls in their unit about doing it together.

How to earn a badge

  • To earn a badge, a girl needs to complete a set of tasks and often learn some specific things.
  • Most badges have some tasks that Brownies must do and some tasks that they can choose between to complete them.
  • Girls plan out themselves what they need to do to complete their badges. They will do some of these tasks on their own and some things together with other girls in their unit who are working on the same badge.
  • Once a girl has finished all the required tasks, the girl will need someone to test them. A tester should be someone who knows something about the subject of the badge or has experience of doing it. This could be a friend, a Young Leader, a Brownie Leader, a specialist, a teacher or another interested or knowledgeable person.

When girls have earned their badges they often sew them on to their uniform, a sash or blanket. Sometimes they go into their Brownie Adventure bag or badge scrapbook.

Girls look to their future - in Guides and beyond

As girls reach the end of Brownies, they get to work on Brownies Go For It! - a special set of activities designed just for older Brownies.

Go For Its! (GFIs!) are activity packs that Guides follow in small groups to find out more about something as well as develop skills and learn about working together. When Guides do GFIs! they work independently in Patrols - small groups similar to Brownie Sixes - to decide what to do and plan how to complete them.

One of the best things about GFIs! is that there are loads, covering many different topics from camping to space.

The Brownies GFI! badge is a chance for girls to learn about what they'll do in Guides and then to look further ahead to what they might want to be or do in the future.

Choose a Brownie badge

You can visit our badge finder to look for badges you'd like to try

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