Brownie Adventure

The Adventure programme is the foundation of a girl's journey through Brownies

Brownies follow the Brownie Adventure programme, earning badges and trying new activities. They learn about themselves, their community and their world - and have a load of fun!

The three Brownie Adventure badges

The Brownie Adventure charts girls progress during their time in Girlguiding. There are three parts.

  • You - Brownies develop confidence and self-esteem through new experiences. Girls build friendships as they work together in small groups called Sixes. They get a say in what happens at Brownies as they learn decision-making skills and how to express their views.
  • Community - girls are encouraged to become active citizens through activities that help them to understand and participate in their communities. They could raise money for charities or visit local places of interest.
  • World - girls are empowered to learn about the wider world. Activities could involve celebrating a festival from a different culture, finding out about endangered animal species, or learning how they can combat climate change.

There are three stages of the Brownie Adventure: Adventure (age seven to eight), Adventure On (age eight to nine) and More Adventures (age nine to ten). There is a flexible syllabus for each stage and girls are awarded a badge when each section is completed.


The Adventure badge is the start of the exciting journey into Brownies.

The activities in the Adventure Badge empower girls to learn about themselves, try new things and discover the wider world. Girls could lead a science experiment with their unit, celebrate a festival from another culture or spend some time out under the stars spotting constellations.

We have done some science experiments in Brownies before and they were really fun. I do experiments at home and have watched some TV shows and have my own chemistry set and microscope. - Jenna, 10.

Adventure On

The Adventure On badge is the next step for a Brownie when she has achieved her Adventure badge. The badge challenges girls to find what they care about, take adventures in unfamiliar environments and learn new life skills.

Girls could practice new pioneering skills, explore the great outdoors or even learn sign language.

There's no need to wait. A girl can start straightaway with her Adventure On or More Adventures badges if they are eight or nine when they join Brownies.

More Adventures

More Adventures is the final step for a girl to take as a Brownie. For the last part of their journey through Brownies, girls take on more responsibility and they are given the chance to have even bigger adventures.

For older Brownies

As older girls in their unit, girls are empowered to make decisions about the activities they do for More Adventure - both independently and as part of a team. As they follow the badge, they are supported to become more confident in expressing their views and opinions. They are shown how to use their voice to make a positive difference in their communities.

Girls get up to a range of new exciting adventures as part of More Adventure. They might be growing their own exotic fruits, using their own ideas to fundraise for a local charity or even building their first fire at camp. They help to look after younger girls who are new to Brownies, as they think about their move up to Guides.

How to get started

The Brownie Adventures book guides girls through all their Adventures badges. The Brownie leader is always there to tell girls more about what's involved too.

Getting started

The Brownie Adventures book tells girls everything they need to know about earning their Adventure badges and having fun along the way.