Out, about and having adventures

How do you get your girls out and about?

Girlguiding blogger
21 October 2015

We asked leaders how they give girls outdoor adventures and get out of their unit meeting place

As usual, our leaders had some fantastic suggestions which will help us all to be our best and give more girls access to guiding. Plus, most of these are fun, free and easy to do!

1.Think local

You don't have to go far to get out there and have fun. Maxine Gill's unit climb their nearby hill with big blue Ikea bags, then, once at the top, sit on the bags and slide down - 'it's heaps of fun and free!'.

2.Think social action

Combine outdoor fun and social action with a litter pick at the beach or local park, followed by a barbeque. Hannah Borrett says, 'We spend at least one evening a year at the beach and the girls seem to love it.' Or volunteer for a day at a local city farm where the girls get to meet the animals.

3.Think about what your girls see as adventurous

Tigi Higgins' Rainbows loved cooking their own hotdogs on a disposable barbeque – 'they felt so grown-up being allowed to do it'.

4.Think wild

What wilderness can you access in your local area? If you live in the countryside you could try woodland walks or orienteering. Tina Dubble told us, 'My Rainbows love orienteering in the woods, especially at bluebell time – it's inexpensive, adventurous and fun.'

You can find nature even in the busiest of cities - challenge girls to see what they can find in nearby parks and gardens.

5.Think about what's already happening

Are there local sports and activities your unit could get involved in? From wide games in the park, to local sports events or fun runs, there are plenty of chances to join in with the local sporting scene.

6.Think creatively

How can you explore your local areas in different ways? 1st Soham Guides 'love a good treasure hunt', Vicky Hathrell told us, 'we've made our own and used ones we found online'. 

7.Don't just think of summer

Make the most of the dark evenings, from night hikes with glowsticks to bat watching. Leader Alison Clare-Dalgleish says 'changing my Guide campfire from the day-lit summer term to the darker autumn term was an inspiration.'

8.Think new activities

What new activities does your unit want to try? Can you get down to the rowing club, dry ski slope or climbing wall and try a taster session?

9.Think new ways to travel

Travel through your local area in new ways. Go on a bike ride, take a boat trip or canoe on your local waterway. You could try a penny walk – where you flip a coin to decide whether to go left or right. Depending on how your girls usually get around, something as simple as getting the bus or train can be exciting!

10.Think overnight

Are there places your unit could stay overnight? A favourite trip in Cambridgeshire East County according to Fiona McBride is, 'a canoe journey with an overnight stay on an island in the river, shelter building and cooking over fires.' What an adventure!

Looking for more adventure?

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