Using programme activities and resources for virtual guiding

How our programme resources and activities can be used when you're doing guiding online

As some of our members have continued to run guiding online while units are not meeting in-person, we want to help bring the fun and adventure of our programme to girls in this difficult time.

We’re sharing 2 programme activities for each section every week – you can use these for virtual meetings or girls can do them alone – and we’ve answered your questions about how programme can be used during the coronavirus outbreak.

Copying and sharing activity cards 

If you’re running virtual meetings, you can copy and share unit meeting activity cards and skills builder activity cards with girls and their parents or carers. You can also share any extra activity information, so they can do activities at home.

You can only share cards with members and volunteers in your own unit and if you have the original unit meeting or skills builder activity card.

We are sharing activities from our programme that can be done at home every week in our Adventures at home section – these cards can be shared with friends, family and other volunteers and you don’t need to be a member to try them out.

Once we get back to have in-person unit meetings, activity cards should not be shared and you will need to follow our usual guidelines on using programme materials.

Adapting activities

You might need to adjust programme activities to make them more suitable for doing at home, with limited supplies or in a virtual meeting.

If you do make any changes, make sure your updates are clearly labelled with your unit name or logo, so everyone can see who made the adaptation. Adaptations should only be used while we're not having usual unit meetings and are not for use instead of buying the activity card.

Interest badges and badge books

Information about interest badges in the badge books cannot be copied or shared directly.

If a girl in your unit has started an interest badge and wants to finish it, but doesn’t have her badge book at home, you can remind them of the remaining challenges. But you cannot directly share any badge content from the books.

If you have young members who don’t have their badge books with them at home, then they should keep a note of which activities they do to complete their interest badges so that you or their unit leader can add this to GO when in-person meetings start again.

We’ve created new badge planning sheets to help leaders and families to support girls to complete interest badges at home if they wish to do so.

We do not have online versions of our badge and award books because the books are designed as a physical resources, to support girls as they work towards interest badges and awards, and help them track their progress. Much of the quality of the books would be lost in a digital version.

Unfortunately our shop and delivery service is temporarily closed due to current government advice, so we're unable to send out badge and award books at this time.