Virtual games

Mix things up with these games to play in video calls

New ideas to add some fun to video meetings

We know that meeting over video just isn't the same as meeting people face-to-face. But our virtual games should get you giggling and add some virtual fun to your next video call.

We've started off our games bank with these 5 great ideas - and each month we'll be ading 2 more.

All the ideas are written for young people - so why not ask them to pick their favorite and share it with everyone on the call?

Pass the pen

Work together to get a pen (or any other object you all have at home) passed around your whole unit and back to your leader!

Everyone grab a pen. Your leader will start. They’ll move their pen across the screen and call the name of the Brownie they’re going to pass the pen to.

When they move their pen off screen, the Brownie’s name who was called then moves her pen across the screen and calls the name of another Brownie.

Keep going, and make sure everyone’s had the pen before you pass it back to your leader.

Now you’re warmed up, can you pass it around everyone and back to your leader in a big circle? Give it a go! It might take a bit of practise.

Now, this time every time it goes to someone who’s already had the pen, start again. Perhaps you could do actions to show you have or haven’t had the pen yet to help!

Check out how Girlguiding volunteers and staff tackled this game:

Head to YouTube to find animated instructions for your group 

Are you up for the challenge?

Ready? It’s time to put your virtual Brownie skills to the test.

Your leader has some tricky challenges, can you beat them all?

Every time you complete a challenge, you get one point. Keep score of your own points as you go.


  • Can you pull ten different funny faces? 
  • Can you balance a pen on your head for 10 seconds? Try standing up and sitting down, can you keep it balanced?
  • Can you say the alphabet really quickly without making a mistake?
  • Can you draw a picture of a cat in a boat with your eyes closed?
  • Can you name all of the Sixes in your unit in 10 seconds?

Now, for the final challenge, can you find things in your home that spell out SMILE (for example, you’ll need to find something that begins with S, M, I, L and E – so you might find soap for S or an egg for E!).

You get one point for every letter, and double points if no one else found the same things as you. Show off your items to everyone!

Who has the most points? They’re the winner!

Brownie says

It’s time to play a game of Brownie says! Choose one girl to be the first caller. Listen carefully to what they say.

If they start the action with ‘Brownie says…’, do what they say. If they don’t, make sure you stay as still as a statue.

Have a practise with your different facial expressions:

  • Be happy
  • Be sad
  • Be angry
  • Be shocked or scared
  • Poke your tongue out
  • Close your eyes

Ready? Get playing! If you get it wrong twice, you’re out. Who can stay in the game the longest? Keep changing the caller every few goes so everyone gets a turn.

Knife, fork and spoon game

Everyone grab a fork, butter knife and spoon. Place them down in front of you, making sure the handles are closest to you, and the knife is facing away.

Your leader is going to count 3, 2, 1…and when they say ‘Go!’, lift one item of cutlery. If it’s the same one as your leader, you get a point!

The first Brownie to get three points wins and becomes the next caller.

Stay safe

Make sure not to use sharp objects, you can use plastic cutlery if you have this available. Instead of cutlery, you could also use different coloured pieces of paper or objects that everyone would have at home.

Photo captions

Before your next virtual meeting, send a photo or picture into your leader of something that makes you happy. If you’re taking a photo, you could try to stage it to look like something, for example – you might have one of your toys earning an interest badge!

In your next meeting, your leader will show everyone your photos. For each of them, try to come up with stories about what’s happening or could happen next. Who knows, perhaps you’ll come up with the next big Brownie story!

Stay safe

Do not share any personal information in your photos, and if you’re using photos of anyone else, make sure to ask their permission before sharing.