Keep up your Queen’s Guide award

At home ways to keep working on your Queen's Guide award

‘Although we are all spending more time at home, this doesn’t mean you can’t keep working towards your Queens Guide award. There are plenty of options to consider if you would like to continue during this time. The information below should provide you with some inspiration to continue on your journey! We look forward to seeing what you achieve.’  - Sophie Woods, Specialist Volunteer for Youth Awards

If you can’t work on your Queen’s Guide award right now, then don’t worry – speak to your county coordinator and they can give you an extension. Also, if you feel you need to take a break from things as normal right now, that’s OK too.

However, if you do want to keep your momentum going, take a look at the ideas below!

Service in Guiding

  • Element one: see what you can do digitally! Unit meetings can go online now – check out our advice on  how to do this safely. There might be some remote admin you can do, or social media content to can create.
  • Element two: Whilst you can’t go on any events, there might be some planning or prep work you can do.
  • Element three: Again, why not take the time to plan what event you’d like to run when you can?
  • Element four: Depending on what you’ve chosen, see what you can keep doing. Meet as a task and finish group digitally, or spend some time doing a bit of research on your chosen area.

Outdoor challenge

  • Element one: get all your planning ducks in a row now so once you can go, things can kickstart! If you’re doing your Lead Away permit, you can still plan menus, do your A Safe Space levels one and two e-learnings, meet your group digitally to come up some guidelines and plan activities you’d like to do. If you’re doing your Going Away With scheme or an all-adult residential, there might be bits you can plan and prep now.
  • Element two: If you’re using your DofE expedition, you might be able to practice some bits like packing your rucksack or putting up a tent. Take a look at Don’t stop your DofE. Or if you’re planning an exploration, do the bits you can now and make a wish list for what you’d like to do once you can go and explore the world again!

Personal skill development

  • Depending on what you’ve chosen as your skill, you can keep this going at home. If you’ve picked something that you can’t do, have a think about ways you can keep it going. If it was playing a team sport, or coaching, can you continue this in a different way by learning online?

Community action

  • Research project: use this time to research from the comfort of your own home!
  • Practical project: depending on your chosen topic, there may still be ways you can support your cause practically. If it’s safe to do so, you can volunteer as an NHS Responder. Or you might be able to volunteer remotely – it could be ringing isolated people as a befriender.


  • Whilst you can’t go on a residential right now, it’s nice to plan something to look forward to. Have a think about what you could do once you can.

If you have any questions or are unsure whether to continue with your Award or take a break, do speak to your county coordinator.