Don't stop your DofE

Just because we're staying home doesn't mean we can't keep working towards Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Even while some Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) activities are on pause, there might still be things you can do to keep working towards your award.

Have a chat with your DofE leader – remotely, by email or eDofE – to see what you can do. You can also take a look at DofE official FAQs or their flowchart, which covers what you need to do to keep doing DofE.

DofE have also shared guidance for DofE leaders

Now is great time to get all your evidence – activity logs, photos and more – loaded onto eDofE so that your leader can approve them. And then take a look at our ideas for keeping up with your award at home.


  • Contact your volunteering activity organiser and see if there is anything you can do digitally to help. For example, helping with remote admin, phoning an older person, social media etc.
  • Fundraise for your chosen charity by setting yourself a challenge you can do at home.


  • If you’ve chosen walking, running or a fitness activity you can do at home, keep going with this for at least an hour per week to keep yourself active!
  • If you’ve chosen a team sport, like hockey or football, check and see if there are any video tutorials you can use to keep active.
  • Can you play your sport, like tennis, digitally or use a games console? This should keep you active and practise your skills.
  • Check out the full list of physical activities you can do as part of your DofE.


  • Lots of skills can still be done at home! Baking, knitting, painting, drawing will all build your skills and keep you busy at home.
  • St John’s ambulance have a self-teach first aid workbook you can do that's specially designed to use in the DofE skill section. Download the first aid workbook.
  • iDEA do free online courses that you can do as part of your DofE skills section. See their frequently asked questions for more information.
  • Check the full list of skills you can do as part of your DofE.


  • If you’ve got a tent at home, practise putting it up indoors or in the garden. Challenge yourself to see how quickly you can do it!
  • Practise packing your rucksack.
  • Your leader might be able to hold digital training sessions for things like the highway code, scenario training, route planning and eDofE mapping.
  • Check out the DofE training resources.

Want to know more about DofE?

If these ideas have sparked your interest, find out more about doing DofE.

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