Virtual games

Looking for quick ways to bring your video calls to life?

These new ideas will make you laugh and help you connect in your video calls

We know that meeting over video just isn't the same as meeting people face-to-face. But our virtual games should get you giggling and add some virtual fun to your next video call.

We've started off our games bank with these 5 great ideas - and each month we'll be adding 2 more.

All the ideas are written for young people - so why not ask them to pick their favorite and share it with everyone on the call?

Pass the pen

Work together to get a pen passed around your whole unit and back to your leader!

Everyone grab a pen. Your leader will start. They’ll move their pen across the screen and call the name of the Guide they’re going to pass the pen to.

When they move their pen off screen, the Guide’s name who was called then moves her pen across the screen and calls the name of another Guide.

Keep going, passing the pen to everyone in your unit in a big circle back to your leader.

If you call someone who’s already had the pen, stop and start again! Perhaps you could do actions to show you have or haven’t had the pen yet to help. How long will it take you?

Now you’re warmed up, why not try adding some new instructions like, ‘fast’, or ‘slow’, or how they move their pen like, ‘across’, or ‘down’. Add new rules every time you play! 

Check out how Girlguiding volunteers and staff tackled this game:

Head to YouTube to find animated instructions for your group 

Are you up for the challenge?

Challengers assemble! It’s time to put your master virtual Guide skills to the test.

Your leader is the task master and they have a list of challenges for you to complete. Decide together if you want to compete on your own or in teams. Every time you complete a challenge, give yourself a point.



  • Can you bring back a fork, butter knife and spoon in 15 seconds?
  • Can you make someone else laugh in 20 seconds?
  • Can you balance a pen on your head for 10 seconds whilst standing up and sitting down?
  • Can you say the alphabet quickly without making a mistake?
  • Can you find something that begins with the first letter of your name? (Bonus point if no one else had the same thing!)
  • Can you name all the Patrols in your unit in 10 seconds?
  • Can you draw (something your unit chooses) with your eyes closed in 20 seconds? 

Try it this way:  If you decide to do the challenges individually, before each challenge, you could vote if you think someone is going to complete it – if you guess right, you get an extra point! You can also come up with your own challenges. 

Dance party

Strike a pose! Together, choose a song that makes you think of your Guide unit – it might be your unit’s favourite song, something that reminds you of camp, or a Promise party.

Come up with some crazy dance moves that you all must do whenever you hear that song.

Once you’ve mastered the dance move, choose one Guide to play the song at a random time during your next virtual meeting. When you hear it, everyone do your crazy dance moves together!

Keep playing it at every virtual meeting, changing the Guide who plays it each time.

Knife, fork and spoon game

Everyone grab a fork, butter knife and spoon. Place them down in front of you, making sure the handles are closest to you, and the knife is facing away.

Your leader says ‘Go!’, lift one item of cutlery. If it’s the same item as your leader, you get a point!

The first Guide to get five points wins and becomes the next caller.

Too easy? Why not speed it up and see who can get the most points in 30 seconds!

Stay safe

Make sure not to use sharp objects, you can use plastic cutlery if you have this available. Instead of cutlery, you could also use different coloured pieces of paper or objects that everyone would have at home. 

Photo captions

Before your next virtual meeting, stage a scene with household items and take a snap or draw a picture and send it to your leader.

It could be something that’s inspired you or get creative and create an abstract piece of art using your childhood toys!

In your next meeting, your leader will show everyone your photos or pictures.

Take turns making up captions for the scenes and see what stories you can create. Who knows, perhaps you’ll come up with the next big Guide story!

Stay safe

Do not share any personal information in your photos, and if you’re using photos of anyone else, make sure to ask their permission before sharing.