Adventures at home

The adventures don't stop if you're staying home – check out our #AdventuresAtHome

Even more activities and adventures to keep yourself occupied at any time - fun for kids, adults, everyone!

Being an adventurer is a state of mind – it’s being brave and determined, supporting others and finding fun in everything we do. And it doesn’t need to stop when we're indoors.

At Girlguiding we love to explore, we love to discover, we love to find out: we are everyday adventurers.

Take part in challenges, find games to play in your online meetings and check out our Twitter and Facebook too so that you can have your own #AdventuresAtHome.

When the Covid-19 pandemic began, we made some of our unit meeting activities available for free to help families and units during lockdown. Now we’re looking forward. To continue to fund great guiding for members across the UK, the programme activities we released for free during this period are now exclusively available from our online shop.

The rest of our Adventures at Home challenges, how-to videos, activity sheets and games are still free for you to use. You don't need to be a member of Girlguiding to give them a try – they're here so all young people can have a bit of adventure, no matter what's going on in their lives.