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Action for Change is all about giving you the skills and know-how to take action on the issues you really care about.

We’re creating the UK’s largest girl-led advocacy network, through a series of exciting inspiration weekends and ongoing support from our amazing Action for Change Network Coordinators. Each Country and Region is taking part – and hundreds of girls are already on board.

I see the amazing things girls can achieve close up in guiding all the time - so I'm incredibly excited to see what a positive difference girls can go on to make through this project - Valerie Le Vaillant, Chief Guide

If you’re a young member and want to make your mark through social action, this opportunity is for you – and you don’t need any experience to get started!

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Be inspired 

Whether you're organising a community event, starting a petition to your headteacher to tackle discrimination or something completely different - Action for Change will help you to make it happen.

Three girls who are part of our network share what issues they want to tackle and why.

My Action for Change project is all about body confidence, promoting healthy sizes on fashion runways and creating more awareness of eating disorders in schools. I think the model stereotype needs to change – and I want to be the one to change it! - Nicole Digance, 15
I want to change the stigma around mental health issues. I have suffered and nearly lost my battle, so I want to help prevent people from suffering. I want to make it easier to talk about mental health and help improve the treatments that are available. - Amy Craven, 18
My project is all about trying to increase knowledge of female role models for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths fields – to encourage more girls to enter these subjects. Studying maths and physics myself, the lack of girls in STEM is really important to me. - Katie Emmott, 18