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Take action your own way

Action for Change is all about giving you the skills and know-how to take action on the issues you really care about.

We’re creating the UK’s largest girl-led advocacy network, through a series of exciting inspiration weekends and ongoing support from our amazing Action for Change Network Coordinators. Each Country and Region is taking part – and hundreds of girls are already on board.

If you’re a young member and want to make your mark through social action, this opportunity is for you – and you don’t need any experience to get started.

Get involved

We are not currently recruiting for Action for Change. Check out our events and opportunities finder for the latest ways to get involved. 

What you'll do 

By joining Action for Change, you'll be part of an incredible year-long journey to run your very own social action project – gathering the skills, knowledge and confidence you need along the way.

A fantastic kick-off weekend

Your year will start with an inspirational residential weekend, with workshops on everything from video production to public speaking and engaging decision-makers. You'll hear talks from motivational speakers – who've previously included campaigner Yas Necati and Laura Bates! – and they'll be some fun down-time activities too (our North East participants were treated to a chocolate workshop!).

Even if you're not sure what issue you want to tackle, this weekend will upskill and inspire you, and give you a chance to meet the girls who'll also be joining your local network. 

A network of amazing girls

After the weekend, you'll join your local network and get ongoing support from a skilled Network Coordinator to develop your planOnline, you'll stay in touch with the friends you make, sharing ideas and working together on projects.

Plus, Girlguiding will send you a new resource each month to help your project grow –plus news and advice on making Action for Change stand out on your CV. Once you've completed your year, you'll get an exclusive badge to show how much you've achieved. 

Be inspired 

Three girls who are part of our network share what issues they want to tackle and why.



Working to make our transport more accessible

I am passionate about supporting people with invisible illnesses and disabilities. Many people with invisible illnesses find it hard to access the priority seats without being judged when asking for a seat. I am working with another member to campaign for transport companies to change their priority seat stickers to be more representative.