Women in the media and everyday sexism

Girls told us they’re committed to challenging sexism when they see it

‘The media has a massive role to play because when girls look at it, they see what they’re supposed to look like’ - Girl aged 17 to 21, Girls’ Attitudes Survey   

What we know

All around them, girls see and experience sexism and gender stereotypes. The good news is that half of girls say they challenge sexism when they see it.

70% of girls aged 11 to 21 say sexism is so widespread it affects most areas of their lives.

What we’re doing about it

We’re taking girls' voices to Parliament and government through our to encourage change. For example, we provided evidence and girls' views to the Advertising Standard Authority on gender equality in advertising, and how sexism in the media is affecting girls. 

Girls aged 7 to 25 can get their Free Being Me badge, which teaches girls about airbrushing and challenges the narrow image of beauty which is presented in the media.

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