Policy consultation responses archive

See the work we've done to get girls' voices heard through our responses to policy consultations and calls for evidence

We use what girls have told us when responding to consultations and calls for evidence from government departments, parliament, non-governmental organisations, regulators, other charities and third party bodies. 

We use testimonies and evidence from our research reports, including our annual Girls' Attitudes Survey, and feedback from our Advocates and British Youth Council members. 

This is our archive of all the consultation responses we have given.


Government consultation on the Industrial Strategy

We emphasise the need to include a greater consideration of issues confronting girls and women within the government's Industrial Strategy, which aims to 'make the economy work for everyone' through actions such as investing in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) research and improving workers' digital skills.

Women and Equalities Select Committee inquiry into fathers and the workplace

We highlight the need to tackle the barriers faced by both men and women in the workplace.


Women and Equalities Committee inquiry into Government plans for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goal 5

The Committee wanted evidence on how the Government can implement Goal 5 – which is to achieve gender equality and empower all girls and women by 2030. We submitted evidence based on what girls have told us through the Girls’ Attitudes Survey and Girls Matter campaign.

House of Commons Public Bill Committee evidence on the Digital Economy Bill

The House of Commons Public Bill Committee requested evidence as part of their review of the Digital Economy Bill.We submitted evidence from the Girls’ Attitudes Survey to inform the proposal in the Bill around introducing age-verification for online pornography.

Advertising Standards Authority call for evidence: Gender stereotyping in adverts

The Advertising Standards Authority wanted to hear what stakeholders think about gender stereotyping in advertising and the evidence available on the impact of this.

Women and Equalities Committee Inquiry: Sexual harassment and sexual violence in schools

The Women and Equalities Select Committee wanted to discover the scale of sexual harassment and sexual violence in primary and secondary schools in the UK. They wanted to know about the impact it's having and get practical recommendations to reduce the levels of sexual harassment and sexual violence in schools.

Department for Education Consultation: Children and young people's mental health: peer support

This consultation from the Department for Education asked respondents for information on best practice in peer support for children and young people’s mental wellbeing, what was currently available and how provision could be improved.We submitted a response to highlight the important role peer support and education can have and included information about our peer education programme.

Department for Education Consultation: Keeping children safe in education

This consultation from the Department for Education asked for feedback on proposed changes to Keeping children safe in education. This is statutory guidance that all schools and colleges in England must consider when carrying out their duties to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. We submitted a response based on the issues girls tell us are important in keeping them safe.