Girls and the media

Your voice matters and by speaking out you can shape how girls and young women are represented in the media

Journalists can speculate but only girls know what issues really affect girls today

Girls and young women are the ultimate experts on what it's like to be a girl right now. That's why your voices really count.

By sharing your experiences and views, you can help shape the way women are portrayed in the media, raise awareness about the real issues for girls today and influence the way journalists report on the things that matter to you.

Why does Girlguiding want to hear girls speak out in the media?

Every day we're inspired by the girls we speak to. Your experiences help us understand issues in a new way, your open and honest approach cuts through the waffle, and your opinions challenge us to see another side to every debate. You deserve to be heard, that's why we support you to speak out. We know that your words can inspire thousands of other people.

How do we work with the media?

Our PR team supports girls to speak out through the media.

  • We respond to breaking news with statements from our members.
  • We arrange broadcast interviews with you as representatives of Girlguiding.
  • We make sure journalists hear about your social action and campaigning.
  • We ask for your opinions on social media
  • We ask you to write blogs.
  • We invite the media to your events.
  • We use data from the research that you've helped with, to show the media what you think.

Get your voice heard in the media

If you would like to be a part of our media work then we'd like to hear from you.

Do you have particular experiences that are relevant to one of our progammes or campaigns? Would you like to speak out on the issues that matter to you? Do you love to write and would like an opportunity to blog. Or would you prefer to be the one asking the questions and would like an opportunity to interview people at our events?

Ashvini, 18, Girlguiding young spokeswoman

Ashvini, 18, Girlguiding young spokeswoman

I'm so proud to be able to represent Girlguiding in the media and to shout about all the amazing work we're doing! I love the fact that Girlguiding empowers young women like me to speak out. It’s is a charity for girls and young women , which is why it makes so much sense that it's represented by girls and young women.

Be part of our media work

Register to be involved in our media work and we'll keep you informed of opportunities as they come up and we'll contact you if we think there's a role that's just right for you.