Promoting girls' voices

We give girls a voice and empower them to change the world

Girlguiding members are changing the world for girls everywhere

We give girls a voice on the issues that matter to them. We empower them to speak out where they wouldn’t normally have a voice, to influence decision makers and to give them the tools and confidence to make change happen.

The pressures of growing up a girl

Every day, girls experience significant challenges, just because they are girls. We know that thousands of girls and young women face a perfect storm of pressures growing up today - from everyday sexism, sexual harassment and violence, to constant scrutiny of their appearance, double standards and a lack of positive role models.

Girls are the key to changing things for the better

Girls can be a powerful force for good. We empower girls and young women to be the change by enabling them to tell their stories and share their experiences of some of the tough issues they face and by offering girls the skills they need to make change happen.

How we promote girls' voices

Our Advocate panel

The Advocates seek change to improve all girls' and young people's lives. They are 18 young women, aged between 14 and 25, who speak out and get girls heard at the highest levels of government and by the media. They're our national youth panel - they influence the direction of our research and advocacy.

Our British Youth Council delegation

Our ten delegates represent Girlguiding's young members at the British Youth Council and have a powerful voice shaping their campaigns. They seek to improve all girls’ and young people's lives by ensuring the British Youth Council listens to girls’ voices.

Helping girls influence change

Young women and girls are often under-represented in decision-making on the issues that affect them directly. So we make sure girls get heard directly by the Government and other decision-makers by creating opportunities for them to meet and talk to people in power. We're committed to making sure girls' can speak out in their own words.

Young spokeswomen in the media

Girls are the ultimate experts on what it's like to be a girl today so it's vital they have a voice in media reporting on the issues affecting them. We empower and support our young members to speak out and share their views and experiences in the media.