Moving up to the next section

Girls have so much fun and make lots of friends in guiding, so they are usually eager for more adventures in the next section when they are old enough.

When to move up

Young members are grouped by age into four sections: Rainbow Guides, Brownie Guides, Guides and The Senior Section. The term ‘Guides’ is sometimes used to refer to all sections. Girls and young women become members from attending their second meeting.


Section Minimum joining age Normal age for transfer to next section* Recommended time for a girl to spend in each section
Rainbow Guide Fifth birthday (fourth birthday in Northern Ireland only) Between her seventh birthday and seven years six months Two years (three years in Northern Ireland only)
Brownie Guide Seventh birthday Between her 10th and 11th birthdays Three years
Guide tenth birthday Between her 14th and 16th birthdays Four years
Member of The Senior Section (including Rangers, Young Leaders and any other groups of members aged between 14 and 26) 14th birthday 26th birthday**  

*The age of transfer is flexible. A girl moves on to the next section when she:

  • has reached the minimum age for entry into the new section
  • has found out about the new section and the unit to which she is moving
  • feels ready and happy to make the transfer.

** A young woman can be a member of The Senior Section until her 26th birthday.

Planning ahead

Ask your daughter's Leader for information about local units for the next section, and if she can arrange for your daughter to visit one of their meetings. Perhaps she could go with some other girls from her unit. You may want to go along as well.

Remember that many units have waiting lists and she will not automatically be guaranteed a place so it's important to put her name down early.

With so many girls waiting to join units across the UK, we always welcome parent helpers, so why not get involved? The more volunteers we have, the more girls can enjoy the benefits of guiding. Find out more about volunteer roles.

Moving up to Senior Section

Senior Section units can vary a lot − some will follow a structured programme, while others may meet only once a month and have a much more flexible structure. It's important for your daughter to find a unit she feels comfortable with. She should talk to her Guide Leader about what kind of unit would suit her.

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