Guide uniform

What girls in Guides should wear to show they are part of Girlguiding

What girls in Guides wear

Guides have flexibility with what they wear as uniform. They often agree their uniform guidelines together with other girls in the unit.

Uniform items

All girls should have a uniform top, chosen from the items below, or the dress. This can be worn with appropriate bottoms to suit the occasion.

When girls choose to wear the dress then they need an item underneath, such as the long-sleeved top, or a top of their choice in navy or black.

Older versions of the uniform are no longer considered uniform. All Guides are now expected to wear the new uniform range.

Formal uniform

When an event is described as a formal occasion, the dress or a uniform top should be worn with either:

  • uniform skirt and navy or black leggings or tights
  • smart black or navy skirt or trousers - for example what girls wear to school.


Neckerchiefs are optional for Guides. If your unit chooses to wear them then girls can choose from the range sold by Trading Services.

At international events, Guides can wear the UK international neckerchief along with, or instead of, a national neckerchief for either Girlguiding Cymru, Scotland or Ulster.

Badges and uniform

Girls in Guides should follow these guidelines for displaying badges on their uniform:

  • Promise badges - wear on the left-hand side – closest to the heart. Girls should be given a metal pin Promise badge on making her Promise not a woven trefoil badge.
  • Badges - Guides can choose how to display their badges on their uniform top or dress.
  • Union Flag Badge (order code 4079) this badge should be worn at international events on the left shoulder of the uniform top.

Only woven badges for participation or achievement should be sewn onto Guide uniform items.