Health and disability

Create a health or personal care plan for members who have medical needs or need support to take part in guiding.

Some of our young members might need a bit more support.

For example, they may need medication or some adaptations to make sure they can enjoy the same great guiding experience as their peers.

To help identify these needs, we have created two different types of plans for you to download and fill out with the member's parent or carer present.

  • Health care plan is designed for those with specific health needs - for example, they may need to take medication regularly, or have a condition like diabetes or epilepsy.
  • Personal care plan is designed to support those who need help with activities such as eating, dressing, washing and mobility.

Both of these plans have been created to facilitate discussions between you and and the young member's parent or carer about how best to support them.

When to use these plans

You only need to use a personal care plan if a member’s needs affect their ability to join in unit activities.

Our health care plan only needs to be used if a member:

  • has a medical condition which makes an emergency likely
  • is under the age of 16
  • does not have a pre-existing health care plan - for example, one created by their school.

Members who are over the age of 16 are responsible for their own health care and shouldn't be asked to complete these forms. If a member has a pre-existing health care plan, you don't need to complete a Girlguiding plan as well.

Social inclusion

Aside from health and additional needs, some girls and young women may face other barriers to participating fully in guiding. The Including all section has advice and support to leaders and volunteers on making guiding accessible to all girls, no matter what their background.