Starting and transferring girls

Units, districts, divisions and counties can use the GO system to manage their joining enquiries and transfer girls

Girls wishing to join guiding for the first time must first register their interest

Once they have done this, a GO record will be created for them. You'll be able to use this to manage their enquiry right up until they become a member and join a unit.

Managing new enquiries

There are teams at every level of guiding who manage new enquiries. If you're not sure what you need to do,  speak with your local commissioner.

In GO you’ll be able to see the contact details of girls who've registered their interest in your unit.

Make sure you provide a warm welcome and keep them up-to-date with what’s happening. Let the parent or carer know how long their daughter is expected to be on your unit’s waiting list.

You’ll need to log all of your actions - from making initial contact to inviting potential members to their first meeting - on the system. There are help files on GO that you can use.

See our guide on how to manage your waiting list.

When a girl becomes a member

Once a girl has decided they want to join your unit, update this on GO and give her parent or carer the relevant Starting... leaflet to fill out and return to you.

This form gathers more detailed information about the girl, including any access and dietary requirements, and their emergency contact details.

How to transfer a member

If a girl in your unit is ready to move up to the next section, follow these steps to make sure she can continue her guiding journey.

  • Arrange to speak with the girl and her parents or carers to decide which unit she would like to go to.
  • Once her new unit has been chosen, transfer her record to them on GO (For help see the file on Transferring a young person)
  • There’s no need to pass on any personal details to the new leader as these will already be on GO.
  • When she leaves your unit, update her record to show this.

Girls moving away from your area

If a member is moving away from your area and wishes to continue guiding closer to her new home, there are a few steps you can take to make her transition as smooth as possible.

  1. Provide the young member's parents with her membership number.
  2. Either, ask her parents to use GO to find a new unit that works for them (making sure they enter her membership number) or use the ‘Transfer’ option on her role to help find a new unit in the new area.

Parents and carers can also call us on 0800 1 69 59 01 to register their daughter.