Our member newsletters

What you can expect from our email newsletters

Our newsletters are a quick and easy way to keep up to date with everything happening in Girlguiding. 

We have 2 newsletter than we regular send to our volunteers.

Making guiding happen

Why am I getting this email?

All adult members get this email, regardless of their volunteering role. When you sign up to be a member of Girlguiding you’ve agreed to terms and conditions of your membership. This includes a legal right of ‘legitimate interest’ for us to contact you with ‘essential information’ about your membership and your role in Girlguiding.

When will I get them?

The first Wednesday of each month. If there’s something urgent to tell you, we might email you outside of this schedule, but this won't happen too often.

What’s in it

Things that you need to know to be able to deliver good and safe guiding, including:

  • Policies and procedures
  • Essential training, like A Safe Space and data protection
  • Changes to national programme
  • Subscriptions information
  • Membership systems changes
  • Changes to senior volunteers

Discover, grow

Why am I getting this email?

If you opted in to hear about activities, events and opportunities open to you as part of guiding, our fundraising, campaigns and research, and products and services you can buy, then you’ll continue to get Discover, grow.

It's packed full of fantastic information about all the things going on in guiding. You'll also find lots of inspiration for delivering great guiding and fantastic opportunities we offer for both volunteers and girls.

When will I get them?

Second and fourth Wednesday of each month

What’s in it

Information about additional things you can do with your unit, such as events, and exciting opportunities such as exclusive cinema screenings. Other items include:

  • Free activities for unit meetings linked to partners or not core programme
  • Information to help you run your unit, including fundraising ideas
  • Guiding specific days, for example World Thinking Day
  • Chances to have your say 
  • Activity opportunities with partners
  • National or international events including Big Gig and GOLD
  • Support for national campaigns, for example recruitment campaigns

Not getting Discover, grow?

Check your mailing preferences on GO by logging in and then:


1. Click on your name in the top right hand corner

2. A drop down list will appear – click on My Marketing preferences

3. Tick the email box