Guiding Star application guidance

Is there a young member who really impresses you?

These notes are to help you to decide if a Guiding Star is the right award for an amazing young member of Girlguiding you want to be recognised.

The nominee should be between the age of 5 (4 in Ulster) and up to their 19th birthday.

Application guidance

First of all, look carefully at the criteria. Does your nominee fit well with at least one of the key criteria?

The Guiding Star Award may be given for one or more of the following:

  • Demonstrating great resilience
  • Acting as an exceptional role model
  • Showing initiative in response to an emergency situation

Here are a few pointers for writing the application

  • What makes you think of this girl as a potential recipient?
  • What makes her stand out from other young members?
  • What has been her continuing impact on her peer group and on her leaders? Can you give examples?
  • Even though the award often links to things beyond guiding meetings, this is a Girlguiding award. Please explain clearly how Girlguiding links to the main reason for the application.
  • Can you demonstrate great commitment to Girlguiding in your citations?
  • The awards committee is made up of leaders from around the country. They won't know your local area. So if you are describing the response to an emergency situation in a particular place, for example, please provide further information about the location. This will allow the committee to fully understand the impact the nominee has had.
  • Describe the nominee’s personal attributes and what their impact is on other girls and leaders. What is it about that girl that makes her stand out?
  • And finally, try to bring the nominee to life with your description, so that the committee members can feel why she should be given the award.

If the award needs to be considered urgently contact your local commissioner for how this can be achieved.

Writing citations

  • One person should take the lead, but a small group of people need to be involved in writing citations.
  • Think about what each person can say about your nominee that shows off what she does. It really isn't helpful to the awards committee if everyone writes about everything or includes information that is already on the GO record.
  • There is no set format you need to follow when writing citations.
  • However, there must be a cover sheet that tells the awards committee who the citation writers are and what aspect of a nominee’s life they cover.
  • In a citation, often less is more. A few well-placed quotes from girls or adults involved with the young member can really help make that girl come to life.

Is the Guiding Star the right award for this young member?

There are other options available, which may be more appropriate:

  • A Thanks badge needs no citations and can be bought from trading.
  • A Girlguiding Hero award: for this you need to fill in a simple form and get agreement from the county commissioner. This allows you to access a very special certificate that is kept at country and region offices.

What happens after the application?

If the Guiding Star award is confirmed by the national awards committee, a statement will be prepared to sum up the reasons why this person was deserving of the nomination. This statement can be shared at the awards ceremony.

If the award is not confirmed, you'll be given some information on why the application was unsuccessful. In some cases, this will include suggestions for resubmission, letting you know the elements that weren't strong enough.

For more information and examples of girls who have received the award, have a look at the Guiding Star award page.