Assets from an inactive unit

What to do with finances and assets when a unit closes

When a unit closes, you need to handle their assets correctly

All unit or area equipment, property, cash and investments belong to Girlguiding.

If a unit is inactive, its funds and property are held 'in trust' by the district, or division if no district exists, for up to one year. 

After a year the assets need to be dealt with in line with what is agreedin the governing constitution or trust deed of the unit, area, local management committee, Friends of Guiding group or Trefoil Guild group.

If there's not a constitution or trust deed, the assets:

  • Are deemed to belong to Girlguiding
  • Are used for Girlguiding or Trefoil Guild purposes, as appropriate, in the same area. Different arrangements might apply to units attached to HM Forces or The Salvation Army.

On disbandment, all property and the unit registration certificate must be handed over to the relevant commissioner immediately.

Unless it a constitution or trust deed says otherwise, then the district, division or county committee takes on the responsibilities of any disbanded unit or Friends of Guiding group. The local commissioner must keep full records and make sure that the unit, and all of the individuals in it, are made inactive on GO.