Social inclusion

Practical advice for overcoming social and economic barriers that prevent girls from joining guiding

Girlguiding's members have a range of backgrounds and experiences - it's part of what makes our charity great

As a charity for all girls we strive to make sure that every girl and young woman is given equal access to the opportunities that we offer. This can mean that we need to take a more bespoke approach on a case by case basis. So we invite all our leaders, or volunteers, who require support or advice on including any young members to use the resources and guidance available.

If you can’t find what you need, or you want to talk things through with someone to make sure you are meeting the requirements of our Equality and Diversity policy, get in touch with your local commissioner or with the national info team for bespoke help and advice.

Follow these simple steps to support girls from all socio-economic backgrounds to get the most out of guiding.