Talking about gender and gender identity

Age-appropriate information and guidance to support conversations about gender and gender identity during unit meetings

Our Let's Talk about Gender and Gender Identity series is designed to support Leaders to have conversations with young members, of all sections, in an age-appropriate way.

These guidelines have been put together with expert assistance from Gendered Intelligence, a not-for-profit community interest company who seek creative ways to increase understandings of gender diversity.

Let's Talk About Gender and Gender Identity: Advice for Leaders

This resource for Leaders contains information to support you with both planned and unplanned conversations about gender, gender identity and transgender (trans) inclusion within a regular unit meeting.

Guidance for sections

The advice for Leaders is accompanied by age-appropriate guidance and activities for each section available for download below.

Get advice on inclusion

Contact the Inclusion team at Girlguiding HQ for more information about including all girls and volunteers in guiding.