Guiding shouldn't leave you out of pocket. Here's everything you need to know about claiming expenses

You may incur personal expenses during your time with guiding - it's important that you get them back

These expenses are payments that you have personally made which relate to your Girlguiding role - such as the cost of training publications or petrol money. Costs relevant to unit activities or events should be budgeted for and taken out of unit funds.

When you start your role, check the procedure for claiming expenses with your appointing Commissioner.

  • Is there a form to complete? Your County or Country/Region may have a bespoke expenses form.
  • Who should authorise your expenses?
  • Who should the completed and authorised expenses form be sent to?
  • How are expenses paid? Will it be paid directly into your bank account or by cheque?

If an adult member chooses not to claim their expenses, these expenses can be claimed on their behalf and donated back to the unit. This allows Gift Aid to be claimed.

How do I claim expenses?

To claim expenses, you need to keep all relevant receipts, travel tickets, invoices and bills and attach them all to an expense claim form.

Try to fill out and submit your expenses claim form as soon as possible. If the length of time between incurring and being reimbursed for your expenses could impact on your personal financial situation, speak to your appointing Commissioner. You should never be out of pocket!

Claiming mileage for using your own car? Note down your mileage after the trip or calculate it by inputting your start/end destinations into an internet map website such as Google Maps.

Can I claim expenses in advance?

It may be possible to do this, so speak to your Commissioner for more information. Taking on a role within guiding should not impact on your personal financial circumstances. In some areas, the County or Country/Region office may also be able to pay on your behalf.

Grants for Advisers and Coordinators

Some Counties, Countries and Regions have grant schemes to help Advisers and Coordinators with general expenditure during the year. Check with your Commissioner whether such a scheme exists in your area. If your sole guiding role is as an Adviser or Coordinator, your membership of Girlguiding may be paid for you by your Division/County/Region as appropriate.