Subscriptions 2021

Everything you need to know about the annual subscription process for 2021

Subscriptions 2021 trial invoices

The subscriptions trial invoice shows the members that your unit (or level) will be charged for. When you’re emailed the invoice, you’ll need to check that it shows the correct members. If you need to make changes, log into GO to do this.

You won’t need to pay anything at this stage, that will be later in February. 

Dates you need to know

  • 25 January, midday: trial invoices can be viewed and changed.
  • 9 February: We'll send a reminder email to the main contact of any level that has not yet checked their trial invoice.
  • Monday 22 February, 7pm: no more changes can be made to trial invoices.
  • Tuesday 23 February, midday: official and payable invoices will be available to download.
  • 16 March: We'll sent a reminder email to the main contact of any level that hasn’t yet paid their official invoice.
  • 1 April, midday: all subscription payments must be received in full by this date.

How to view and amend your trial invoice

  1. Log into GO
  2. Click on the ‘Subscriptions’ button
  3. Once logged in, select your level's name (If you have more than one role)
  4. Select ‘Trial Invoices’
  5. Check the amount payable. The association subscription amount for 2021 is set at £17.70 per member, but the total per member is likely to be higher as many levels will add their running costs to this amount.
  6. Check the girls listed in your unit. If there are girls that have moved units, end their role so that they can be added to the new unit.
  7. Check the volunteers listed in your unit and ask your local commissioner to update any volunteer records if needed.

For everything you need to know about the 2021 subscriptions process, download our Preparing for the Annual Subscription help file within the Help zone of GO.

Need more support?

Contact us on [email protected]

Log into the subscriptions system

Use your membership login details to access the subscription system.