Subscriptions 2018

Everything you need to know about the 2018 annual subscription process

The Subscriptions process for 2018 will begin from noon on 23 January 2018

However, in preparation for this process, some members will have key responsibilities to ensure everything runs smoothly. Please download and read our full business process to make sure you know what’s happening when.

Key dates you need to know

In preparation for subscriptions 2018

  • Noon, Wednesday 1 November 2017 - district, division, county are able to enter their levy amounts into our subscriptions system and must check their bank details are correct.
  • Noon, Monday 8 January 2018 - levy details can no longer be added to the subscription system.

When the process begins

  • Noon, 23 January -trial invoices are available to view and download on the Subscription system. Changes should be made on GO.
  • 5 February – Reminder if you have not viewed your trial invoice by this date.       
  • Midnight, 19 February - no more changes can be made to trial invoices. GO and the Subscription system will be unavailable.
  • Noon, 20 February - GO will be available after the normal Tuesday downtime.
  • Noon, 22 February - official and payable invoices will be available to download from the Subscription system. Follow the steps on your invoice to send your payment.
  • 20 March – Reminder if we have not received your official invoice payment by this date.
  • Noon, 3 April - all subscriptions payments must be received in full by this date.

How to add your district, division or county levy

To add your level’s 2018 levy amount and check your level’s bank details please log into GO and click on the subscriptions button. Read our Subscriptions 2018 – How to record a subscription levy guidance

How to view your invoice

Detail of how to access your Subscriptions 2018 trial invoice will be available on this page from noon on Tuesday 23 January 2018.

In the meantime take a look at our Subscriptions 2018 – Preparation Period FAQs to help you begin to preparing your membership records for the process and budgeting ahead for the payment date.

If you are a Commissioner please read our Preparation Period FAQs For Commissioners  for more information about how you can support your volunteers in preparing for the process.


Log into the subscriptions system

Please note that the subscriptions system button within GO is currently only displayed and accessible for members of the district, division and county during the subscription levy adding period – noon on Tuesday 1 November 2017 until noon on Monday 8 January 2018.