Subscriptions 2020

Everything you need to know about the 2020 annual subscription process

It’s now time to pay your 2020 official invoice

To pay your invoice, log in to GO and follow the instructions below.

Please note: The trial invoice period is now over. You can no longer make amendments and the official invoice must be paid in full.


How to make your payment

Any member of a level’s user group - as well as the level’s treasurer - can access the invoice. If you need further support, including accessing and paying your invoice, please contact your local Commissioner.

  1. Log in to GO
  2. Select the subscriptions button from the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. If you have more than one role, you will need to select the level you wish to see from the drop-down list and select 'Confirm level'. If you have only one role, you will skip this step.
  4. Select ‘Live Invoices’ from the left hand menu of the subscription system.
  5. Select ‘Download Invoice’. This will open your invoice in a pdf format.
  6. Print your invoice onto white A4 paper.
  7. Write a cheque for the full amount shown on the invoice. Ensure that you write your invoice number, level name and number on the back of the cheque to prevent unnecessary delays in the process.
  8. Send the cheque and annual subscription payment slip to the address on the invoice. Remember to include your country/region name as part of the address.

Please don’t staple your cheque or payment slip, as it will delay processing and might damage the cheque.

How to monitor your payment

All invoices will go through the following stages.

  1. Unpaid – we have not received your payment.
  2. Payment in progress – your payment has been received but has not yet cleared. This status will be shown for five working days (ie excluding weekends and bank holidays).
  3. Paid in full – your payment has cleared and your invoice has been paid. Remember to print this paid invoice as your receipt to be included with your annual accounts.

If you see ‘Problem with Payment’, the level’s main contact will be sent an email with information about the problem and how to resolve it. Our Finance team won’t be able to discuss individual problems like this with anyone outside the unit team, so please contact the level directly for more details.

Running reports for a district, division or county

If you are a member of a district, division or county user group - or a treasurer at these levels - you can view a report of all levels in the area. You can also assist local units without printers by printing a copy of their invoice.

Collecting levy repayments

All districts, divisions and counties collecting a subscription levy in the 2020 process will receive their repayment by electronic bank transfer by 22 April.

Any outstanding Association level amounts (£16 per member) will be deducted from the levy owed to countries/regions and counties. These deductions will be shown on the financial reports in the system.

Need more support?

Contact us on [email protected]

Log into the subscriptions system

Use your membership login details to access the subscription system.