Insurance for activities

Make sure that you are covered for activities or events that you do with your girls

Are you covered to take part in activities?

Girlguiding insurance covers all recognised activities including a variety of adventurous activities. You can search or browse these recognised activities using our Adventure for Girls Finder.

What to do if the adventurous activity is not listed?

Before planning an adventurous activity that does not appear in our Adventure for Girls Finder, the Leader must consult Girlguiding's insurance service, as in some cases it may be necessary to obtain extra insurance cover. Please send details of the activity, provider, risk assessment and the activity provider's public liability insurance to [email protected]

What activities are not covered?

Girlguiding’s insurance policies do not cover prohibited activities. If you take part in these activities you will invalidate our insurance.

When you are doing joint events with The Scout Association, make sure that the activities included are not prohibited by either us or them.

International insurance waivers

Some international Guiding and Scouting Associations ask participants to sign insurance waivers before taking part in activities. This is especially prevalent in the USA and Canada, where many Girlguiding members travel to take part in international activities and events.

Not all countries operate the same insurance processes and often have very different activity instructor requirements to those expected in the UK. Leaders and participants should take this into account when carrying out risk assessments prior to taking part in an activity.

Businesses that provide high risk or adventure activities will often ask participants to sign an acknowledgement of risk form, to show that the participant was made aware of all the dangers before taking part in the activity. The waivers which are presented at international events are similar to these forms, and therefore participants and parents must make a decision to sign them based the outcome of risk assessments and any other information available to them.

Please contact our Insurance team for further guidance on signing international insurance waivers.

Contact our insurance team

For more information, please contact our Insurance team, either by telephone on 0845 260 1053 or by emailing [email protected]