Unit recovery grants in Scotland, Wales and Ulster

Support for units in Wales, Scotland and Ulster

Girlguiding units in Cymru, Scotland and Ulster that have been affected by Covid-19 can now apply for a unit recovery grant of £200 to help them continue supporting girls.

The grants have been made possible thanks to the Pears Foundations and funds raised by our amazing members as part of the Act your Age challenge, in partnership with BBC Children in Need.  

Update 31 March 2022: The Unit recovery grants programme has now ended. If you have not yet received payment for a grant you were awarded, please contact [email protected]

Who is the grant for?  

The grant is for units that have been particularly affected by Covid-19 and need the grant to keep going in the longer term. If that describes your unit, please ask your commissioner to nominate you.   

Contacts for commissioners wanting to nominate units: 

Cymru: [email protected] 

Scotland: district and division commissioners should speak with their county commissioners if they want to nominate units.

Ulster: [email protected] 

If you would like a grant for a unit in the Channel Islands or Isle of Man, contact [email protected]

If you would like a grant for a unit in England, check out this webpage.

How to apply

Can any unit volunteer fill in the application?  

Yes, the form can be filled in by any unit volunteer or even by a commissioner.  

What is the deadline to apply?  

The application form will close when we have received the limit of applications we can award. The form will open in November 2021 and may close as early as mid-January 2022 so do apply as soon as possible. Check back on this webpage for updates.   

Grant schedule:  

October and November 2021: Country managers will collect nominations from commissioners.

From November 2021: Units that have been invited can apply for the grant.  

February and March 2022: Grants will be paid to units.

How do I apply?

Log into GO and follow the instructions in the help file, which can be found in the help section. Be sure to apply as soon as possible.

GO will time out and give you an error message if you take more than 15 minutes on the form without saving. You can save without submitting as long as there are draft answers to every question and the box at the end hasn’t been ticked.

How will the grant be paid?

To give us your payment details, fill in the survey on Surveymonkey.

You can use any Girlguiding account for the payment. If your unit doesn't currently have a bank account, or your bank account is not accessible, you may apply for the money to be paid into another Girlguiding bank account, such as another unit, your district, division or county.  

You'll need to include full bank account details and upload a photograph or scan of your most recent bank statement or building society book to complete the application. We cannot pay grants into personal bank accounts. Find examples of what we're looking for in this PDF.

Once the grant has been paid, you’ll receive an email from the Finance team with this remittance advice.  

We can pay the grant into any Girlguiding unit. We need to see a recent document or screenshot that shows that account’s: 

  • Name 
  • Account number 
  • Sort code

This can be a photo taken with your phone, but it must be clear and show all the details above. If you use online banking, you can send us can a screenshot or downloaded statement.  

If you only have a building society passbook, we need to see the account's long reference number. 

If you are having problems getting documents for your unit’s account, please remember we can pay into any Girlguiding account as long as you can provide the documentation. 

When will the grant be paid? 

The grants will be paid in February and March 2022 - you should receive it in good time if you are using the grant for your subscription. You’ll receive an email to the address you provided in your application to let you know it has been paid. Please check this page for news about payment delays.  

Has my grant been paid yet? 

Grants will be paid in February and March 2022. The Finance team will email you at the email address in Go to let you know when to expect the grant in your bank account. You might need to check your spam folder and add [email protected] to your safe senders list.  

I am changing my bank account – how can I get paid?

If you are transferring the account via the account switching service the bank will forward the payment to the new bank account. If the account is closed we will get a payment return advice and we can pay them again.

If you would like to wait a couple of weeks until you have the new details to send us that is also fine. Alternatively you can give us the details of a different Girlguiding account.

What can I spend the grant on? 

The purpose of the grants is to help keep Girlguiding units open. You can spend the £200 on:  

  • Annual subscriptions.  
  • Equipment or materials to support face-to-face guiding (indoor or outdoor), such as Covid safety materials including sanitiser and masks.  
  • Equipment or software to support virtual guiding, for example activity packs.  
  • Materials or expenses related to at-home guiding.  
  • Training.  
  • Venue costs, such as hall rent. The grant can't be used to buy or improve a meeting place.  
  • Volunteer recruitment or retention.  
  • Young member recruitment or retention, such as posters.  
  • Other purchases that will help your unit to stay open.  

When do I have to spend the grant by?  

Please spend it as soon as you can. Everything that isn’t subs must all be spent by the end of February 2022. If you are putting some towards your subs payment and that is delayed, just tell the recovery grants team the amount you will spend on subs when you get the post-grant monitoring survey. You will need to spend every bit of the grant, even if that means buying a few stamps to use it all up. 

Can I change how I spend the grant?  

It is ok if you spent it differently from what you said in the application form as long as the items are on the above list of eligible items. Please keep your receipts in case we need to see these for audit purposes.   

Can I send you my lovely case study of how I used the grant?  

Yes please do! The recovery grants team will need these as soon as you can and no later than the first week of March 2022 please. Send them to [email protected].

Other questions

I haven’t received an email from you that I was expecting  

Check your spam folder. You should also add these addresses to your safe senders list: [email protected] and [email protected]

What if I don’t need the grant?  

Please help us to offer grants to units in most need by letting us know as soon as you can via the application form. 

What if I have 'X' amount in my account? 

We understand that some units will have money in their account that is already committed to something else and we won’t penalise you for this. Please explain the circumstances when you send the recovery grants team your bank details. 

Can I involve the girls in deciding how to spend the grant? 

Please do! There are some activities here that might be useful for that in Participation on a plate. 

What other Girlguiding grants can I apply for?   

The other grants can be found on our website 

How can I contact you?  

Contact the recovery grants team at [email protected] putting ‘CMC’ in the subject line.