Starting a new unit grant

Our starting a new unit grant can support you to get off the ground

Your new unit can receive up to £500 towards your start-up costs 

When you open a new unit, you will need some key resources and equipment to get started. This grant is designed to help you with uniform costs, first aid kits, rent and more - so you can get started straight away. 

Who is eligible?

This grant is available to all new units and those who are re-opening after being inactive for more than one year. You need to submit your application within 90 days of your unit's 'formed' date on Go!. This is likely to be the date of your first meeting.

If your unit has been closed for more than a year, you will need to include a breakdown in your application of the remaining resources and finances from when the unit was last active.

Your unit must meet the suggested minimum unit size before you can apply for the grant. 

How much funding is available?

Your unit can receive up to £500. All applications are assessed on an individual basis.

What does the funding cover?

The money you receive can be used for:

  • unit resources and equipment
  • Leaders' uniform
  • general equipment such as a first aid kit
  • first month's rent and/or deposit for the meeting venue.

Apply for this funding

As well as the form, this includes details of how to apply for the Starting a new unit grant.