Girl-led residentials

Support Guides, Rangers and members of The Senior Section to plan and run their own residential

We know that many Guides, Rangers and members of The Senior Section love to run residentials

For all girl-led residentials, the organisers - the permit holder or a leader if it's a Patrol camp - must do the following:

Residentials run by Guides

Guides can learn to run Patrol sleepovers or their own camps without a Leader.

Patrol sleepovers

Guides can hold a Patrol sleepover for a maximum of 24 hours in their own home without a leader present, provided:

  • two adults, at least one of whom is female, are present
  • the adult responsible completes a risk assessment and discusses the arrangements with a leader and the Patrol leader
  • the leader provides the responsible adult with the girls' Health information forms during the sleepover.

Guide Camp Permit

A Guide aged 12 or 13 can run a camp for up to seven other Guides if she holds, or is working towards, her Guide Camp Permit. If the Guide is 12, she should run her camp at the same time and venue as her unit camp.

  • If only two Guides have camped before, there can be three to five Guides in total. If three Guides have camped before, there can be eight Guides in total.
  • All Guides must have permission from their unit leader.
  • The site must be an approved Girlguiding venue in private grounds within ten minutes walking distance of a Girlguiding volunteer who can help if needed. The volunteer must have completed the recruitment and vetting process and been assigned the role of residential occasional helper on GO and undertake a criminal records check.
  • The assessment camp must last two or three nights.

Residential events run by Rangers or members of The Senior Section

Older girls can learn to run some residential events without an adult leader.

Peer group residential events

A team of four to seven Ranger or Senior Section members can work together to go away, with no single person in charge. They must:

  • have an adult supervisor within 30 minutes’ travelling time available at all times during the event
  • make sure every member receives training for the event as required
  • make a home contact list for themselves and the supervisor.

At peer group events, recruitment checks for participants over the age of 18 are not required.

The Senior Section Permit

Members of The Senior Section who hold, or are working towards, The Senior Section Permit can take away a group of between four to eight Guides or members of The Senior Section, including themselves. For the Overnight Permit this can be for up to 24 hours, and for the full Permit this can be for two or more nights.

The Senior Section member holding or working towards the permit must:

  • get approval from her leader for the event and the venue with a completed REN form
  • if she's going on an expedition, get her route plans approved as outlined on our page on members of The Senior Section walking without a leader
  • appoint an adult supervisor who will be available at all times and is within 30 minutes’ travelling time.

Any member of The Senior Section over the age of 18 holding or working towards her permit and taking away girls under the age of 18, must complete the Girlguiding recruitment and vetting process and be listed on GO as a unit residential occasional helper and undertake a criminal records check.

If you have completed modules of The Senior Section Permit and your Leadership Qualification you can be credited with the relevant modules of the Going Away With Scheme. You can find out which modules this applies to on page 17 of The Senior Section Permit syllabus.

To make sure this happens, you need to take the following steps.

  1. Get in contact with a Going Away with Scheme Mentor. Your Commissioner or Residential Adviser will put you in touch.
  2. Share your Look Wider record book, your Senior Section Permit certificate and any other evidence you have of your Senior Section Permit with the Mentor, and discuss the syllabus of the Going Away With Scheme modules you will be credited with. You do not have to redo any of the modules that are relevant to you. However, it may identify any training or support needs you have, and the Mentor will ensure you are up to date with Girlguiding regulations and guidance on residential events..
  3. Your Mentor can contact your County Go! Coordinator and get your Go! record updated with the relevant modules.
  4. Start planning your next exciting residential with your unit!

A member of The Senior Section can complete Module 9 as an extension module to take eight members (including herself) of the Senior Section abroad.

  • She must hold The Senior Section Permit with the relevant modules for the type of event planned (for example, Module 7 for a camp and Module 8 for an expedition). An Overnight Permit is not sufficient.
  • If any group member is under 16, the permit holder must be aged at least 18.
  • Talk to your Leader/Advisor as soon as possible if you are planning to take Module 9 - travelling abroad.
  • If going overseas with The Scout Association or another organisation, or participating in expeditions such as the Explorer Belt, you must read and follow the guidance on activities with other organisations.