Who is Girlguiding?

Planning to write a newsletter, webpage or social media post? Get to know our tone of voice first

What is our tone of voice?

When you’re writing about Girlguiding think about the language you use. This plays an important part in how people connect with us. We want you to have the confidence to write in a way that reflects our personality.

Our personality


  • Credible - a solid organisation with a long and much-loved pedigree.
  • Adventurous - full of fun, and we’re constantly adapting to help young women step confidently into their futures.
  • Welcoming - we embrace all girls and young women. Their voices, dreams and worries are our guiding light.

How we do this

  • We’re straight talking - we tell it like it is
  • We’re enthusiastic - our writing has a spring in its step and a twinkle in its eye
  • We’re in tune - we’re empathetic and helpful

How to sound straight talking

  • Use everyday language
  • Get to the point
  • Imagine it’s a conversation

How to sound enthusiastic

  • Keep sentences focused and pacy
  • Put people first, using active language
  • Show a little personality where appropriate

How to sound in tune

  • Acknowledge why things matter
  • Show instead of telling
  • Help people find the important stuff

Download our full writing guidelines

Need more detail on how to write about us? Take a look at our comprehensive writing guidelines.