Make a promotional stand

Make sure you stand out at events by creating an eye-catching stand or display

Share the magic of Girlguiding

Planning to attend an event? The key to creating an engaging stand is preparation. Local events, exhibitions, stalls or displays are a brilliant way to share the fun and adventure of Girlguiding with the public.

To ensure your stand looks professional and bright, you may want to start by ordering a gazebo, sail or other event material from Girlguiding's personalised merchandise services. These items are featured in our Guiding Essentials catalogue and can be ordered by emailing [email protected].

There is a huge range of items you can order or borrow from Girlguiding, for only the cost of postage and packaging. Why not order leaflets, posters and postcards from our online shop to help you shout out about what we do?

If you have access to a screen you can also use the Girlguiding PowerPoint template or Girlguiding videos.

Once you've got some of these basics in place, you're going to need to fill your stand with engaging information, activities and promotional materials. Follow our simple guidelines to ensure you reach as many attendees as possible.

What is the aim of your stand?

When planning a promotional stand, you need to keep your aims firmly in mind. Who is your target audience and what do you want to communicate to them? Let the answers to these questions create the focus of your display, and return to them regularly to keep your planning on track.

For example, if your aim is to recruit new student volunteers, this will inform the images you use (students having a great time guiding), the leaflets you have on the stall (information about flexible volunteering) and maybe even who looks after your stall (one of your existing student volunteers, who can speak from experience).

Having clear aims will help you to decide if an opportunity, venue or event is right for you. Will it help you reach the right people? Do your aims fit will with the theme of the event?

Always try to check out what the venue is like well before the day. Consider how much space you have to display, how to use it most effectively and whether you would benefit from extra lighting.

Choosing a good location is important - go somewhere that people will have to walk by and see you! Make sure you're near a plug socket if you need it too.

Creating your own display

You may have already ordered lots of engaging marketing materials from Girlguiding. However, if you chose to create your own display, here are some tips to help you make the most of the space.

  • Make the most of our identity - follow our brand guidelines and use the Girlguiding logo in your display. It’s no good providing an excellent display if no one realises who it belongs to, so be proud!
  • Use great images - one large strong image is worth ten smaller ones. Follow our photo guidelines to select the best pictures for your stand. Remember to request permission to photograph the girls.
  • Clear use of text - keep the headline and body text short and to the point. Try to make sure the size of the text - particularly the headline - is large enough to be easily read from at least two metres away
  • Create a hierarchy - make sure the most important things on your display are the biggest and easiest to read
  • Don't be afraid to keep it simple - you are whetting your audience's appetites, not giving a lecture!
  • Have contact details available - contact details are a good idea for unmanned displays or at a busy event where people may not be able to speak to you. Remember you can create a guiding email address for this purpose or point people to GO.

Planning an event


Putting on your own event? We've got everything you need to guarantee it's a success.