Create a logo

Need a logo for your unit or a local event? Our online design centre allows you to create an on-brand logo in minutes

How to create a logo

  1. Login to the online design centre.
  2. Click the 'Logo Generator'.
  3. Find the correct logo orientation or select 'All orientations' to create all four orientations at once.
  4. Find the correct logo. You can either create a general Girlguiding logo in blue and raspberry or a logo for a specific section. Logos can be created for your local guiding area, for a unit or for events and venues.
  5. Choose whether to generate your logo as a jpeg, pdf or eps file. These files have different applications.         
    • A jpeg file is a compressed, lower quality image file. These types of images are good for using on the internet, but not on printed items such as banners or flyers.
    • A pdf - or portable document file - is a higher resolution file useful for printing on larger items, such as banners or billboards. 
    • An eps file is a vector file - meaning that it contains images and fonts which can be scaled easily to any size without them becoming fuzzy or distorted. If you're working with a designer or printers, this is a useful format to have as it can be used across many types of software and is fully editable.
  6. If in doubt, download all options available and keep them safe in case you need them.
  7. Click the orientation option you need, if you need all orientations select the 'All orientations' option.When creating resources, make sure you use the correct version - the point of the logo should always point into the centre of an item or document.
  8. Next you'll see the design screen. Here, you can select the logo design, colour, localisation length and image format you need from the drop down menus. You can also change the text within the logo 'flash' - click 'Update' to see these changes applied on the right-hand side of the screen. 
  9. If you're adding your local guiding area to the logo, you should always use your full unit or local guiding area name as it appears on GO with no abbreviations. Additional name information (meeting place name etc) shouldn't be used. For example use 3rd Morden Guides, not 3rd Morden (St John Fisher) Guides.
  10. For counties, divisions and districts, please include ‘County’, ‘Division’ or ‘District’ at the end of your area name, for example Girlguiding Gloucestershire County. For more information about how to localise our logos see our Girlguiding Identity Guidelines.
  11. Once you're happy with your logo, click 'Next' and give your logo a name in the field provided.
  12. Click 'Generate Artwork' to create your final artwork.
  13. You'll be taken to your 'History' page you’ll see a spinning icon and ‘In process’ in the ‘Status’ column. Once the icon has stopped spinning, there’s a tick and the status says ‘Completed’ your file is ready to download.
  14. Click on the blue product name link in the ‘Products’ column to download your logo.
  15. You'll then be able to download a your single logo or the bundle of four logos - each with the point of the logo facing a different way. When creating resources, make sure you use the correct version - the point of the logo should always point into the centre of an item or document.