Involving girls in decisions and planning

Involve your girls in deciding what their unit does from week to week

Support girls and young women to play a leading role in planning their own programme

Good guiding puts girls and young women in the lead by involving them in planning and running everything they do. You should aim to give every one of your young members the opportunity to be involved in decision making - across all sections. This will help them to develop leadership, communication and team-working skills.

Activities that put girls in the lead

  • Encourage girls to share their opinions - about big and small things, in groups and individually. Find participation activities or download our Participation on a plate resource.
  • Use the activity ideas to engage girls and young women with decisions about any area of guiding and to evaluate what you've done previously.
  • When engaging our girls and young women feels challenging, have girls try out different decision-making methods and decide which ones they prefer. 
  • Adapt the activity ideas for you and the girls and young women that you work with.
  • Share the activities with other adults outside guiding who are interested in increasing participation among girls too.

Find out what girls want

  • Use the Rainbow Chat, Brownie Pow-wow or Patrol Leaders’ Council to find out what the girls want.
  • Ask patrol leaders to find out what their Patrols would like to do next, including the next Go For It!, skills builder or theme award to work on.

Let girls decide

  • Girls should be involved in making decisions, whether that's choosing activities or trips, or what skills they want to focus on developing next.
  • See what they come up with! Challenge Brownies, Guides or members of The Senior Section and Rangers to plan and then run a whole evening’s activities.

Turn ideas into successful activities

  • Engage sixers, patrol leaders, Rainbow and Brownie helpers, and young leaders to work with the girls and make their ideas happen.
  • Get members of The Senior Section and Rangers to work in groups on a budget for the activities they want to do.

Engage girls in your unit

Our Participation on a plate resource has participation activities to find out what girls want to do next.