Encouraging learning

Our young members should always be learning and developing through the activities they do in guiding

Non-formal learning opportunities for girls and young women are central to our Educational Framework

When planning your programme, you should think about what you want girls and young women to learn and how you want them to develop socially, emotionally, physically, morally, intellectually and spiritually. That includes regularly doing activities in small groups as well as activities as a whole unit.

Try something new

  • Have an expert visit your unit to teach the girls a new skill.
  • Find new activities that can be done in small groups to help the girls and young women learn more about themselves and how they relate to others.
  • Introduce the girls to an interest badge that they haven't looked at before and encourage them to complete it themselves to expand their skills.

Extend girls' knowledge

  • Revisit an activity that your unit has done before and take it a step further.

Learn in groups

  • Offer team activities that develop leadership skills, such as team challenges, wide games and role play.
  • Have an evening of girls teaching skills to each other.

Include everyone

  • Try a rotating activity night with a range of challenges to reflect people's different skills.

Look outside guiding

  • Engage in community action so the girls can learn more about their community and take an active role.

Our Educational Framework

Remind yourself of the framework we use to help girls to develop skills and competencies through their guiding experiences.