Peer education grant system

All peer educators can apply for grants to cover the cost of travel to, and resources for, peer education sessions

Who is the grant system for?

The grant system is to help all peer educators run sessions in their Country and Regions. It is to cover the cost of travel and resources. You can choose to claim up to £7 for each session you plan to deliver:

  • £5 to cover your travel costs
  • £2 to cover the cost of resources such as pens and paper.

How to apply

For new peer educators

If you’re new to peer education, after attending your skills and topic training you can claim a start-up grant of £7 (the average cost of delivering a session) to support your first session. To get this, download and complete the grant application form so we know where to send the money. You should send this in before logging your first session. 

For existing peer educators

Once you are a trained peer educator, you complete a Survey Monkey Session Log after each session you deliver. This will ask you if you would like to apply for a grant to fund your next session. You'll need to send in the grant application form if you haven't already so we know where to send the money.

If you haven’t arranged your next session but intend to deliver future sessions you can still apply for the grant.

You'll hear back from us after four weeks to let you know whether you'll be receiving £2, £5 or the full £7, depending on availability of funding. 

Remember: you have four weeks after your session to get it logged and your grant request in, or we can't process it. 

Joint sessions

If two or more of you are planning on delivering a session together, the grant would still be up to £7 for that session. This should be shared among the peer educators. One peer educator can claim the grant (via the Survey Monkey Log) and distribute it among the other Peer Educators.

Travel costs

If you have had help getting to your session (eg lifts from parents, friends or your coordinator), you can still apply for a travel grant to go towards petrol. We'll still pay the grant to you, but you can pass it on. 

Let us know your bank details

The first time you apply for the grant, or if they change, you’ll need to provide your bank details by completing the Peer Education Grant Application form and emailing it to [email protected].

Once you are on our this system, then we’ll have your details and will arrange payment to your account for all future expenses, so long as your personal bank details are the same.

Any questions?

If you have any further questions please contact us at [email protected] or on 020 7834 6242 ext. 3013.

Apply for a grant now

Log your peer education sessions to claim for your grant to pay for travel and resources for your next session.