Membership policy: Adults in guiding

Our policy on what adult members and recognised volunteers do and what it means to be a member

All adult members and recognised volunteers must:

  • Agree to abide by Girlguiding's code of conduct and policies. 
  • Consent for their data to be held on GO and, if appropriate to their role, be responsible for ensuring that details of young members are added and maintained on GO.

Members and non-members are covered by Girlguiding's personal accident and public liability insurance policies while they are taking part in guiding activities.

Who can be an adult member?

Adult members can be:

  • women aged 18 and over who have made or make the Promise, are actively involved in and responsible for the delivery of guiding to girls and young women and agree to abide by Girlguiding’s policies and code of conduct
  • women aged 18 and over who have made or make the Promise, continue to support Girlguiding and agree to abide by its policies and code of conduct
  • women and men aged 18 and over who do not make the Promise but who believe in the ethos of guiding, wish to support it and agree to abide by Girlguiding’s policies and code of conduct
  • women and men who belong to the Trefoil Guild.

Adult membership of Girlguiding is voluntary and is open to application from women and men aged 18 years and over, regardless of faith, race, culture, nationality or sexual orientation, provided they complete Girlguiding’s recruitment process if appropriate to the role.

All young members and adult members must have their basic details stored on GO and pay an annual subscription.

Membership entitlements

  • All adult members may wear guiding clothing or activity wear appropriate to the role and occasion.
  • Members who are women may wear the Promise badge (if they have made the Promise) and the Leadership Qualification badge if they have completed that qualification
  • All adult members receive free delivery of guiding magazine and may take out a subscription to the Trefoil Guild magazine if they wish.
  • All adult members have access to the appropriate parts of the secure website.
  • All adult members undertaking an active role have opportunities for further training.
  • All adult members with a role are eligible for Long Service awards and other awards.
  • Adults may apply to become members of Girlguiding without undertaking a specific role.

Most roles in guiding require the individual to be a member. Exceptions are:

  • Occasional helper
  • Residential occasional helper
  • Ambassador
  • Friend of Guiding
  • Supporter
  • Committee member
  • Treasurer (Division level and below)

Membership is not mandatory for holders of these roles but it should be encouraged. Only adult members receive a member or recognised volunteer card on payment of the annual subscription. Non-member volunteers undertaking these other roles are still required to undergo the appropriate recruitment process for the role. However, they do not pay an annual subscription so do not receive the benefits of membership.